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The Alternative Science Digest

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Normally this space is reserved for the weekly digest, updating you on what’s new in science. However, this week we thought we’d reserve the column space for a slightly different meaning to the word digest… This week we’re looking at the weird, and not so wonderful, things that we put … Read More

What’s new in Science this week?

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NASA has revealed new evidence of a massive ocean hidden under the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa that may be more accessible than thought before. Evidence has surfaced from pictures taken by the Hubble Space telescope in 2014 showing plumes of water some 200 km above the surface and containing … Read More

The Digest: 29/04/2016

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Queen celebrates her 90th Birthday The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate their 90th birthday last Thursday. She celebrated the day with a walkabout in Windsor and a beacon lighting relay, before more formal celebrations begin in the summer. David Cameron said that, ‘She has been a rock of … Read More

The Digest: 26/2/2016

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EU Referendum set for June as Cameron lands EU deal UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced the date of the in-out referendum of the UK’s European Union membership for June of this year. The announcement comes after Mr Cameron struck a deal with the other leaders of the EU and … Read More