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Bathroom Politics: Clubbing for Wheelchair Users

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It’s a Friday night, which for many means one thing: clubbing. I find myself migrating towards the venue we have chosen alongside a host of glitter faced, plaid-clad revellers following pre-drinks at a friend’s house on campus. Amongst our party are two of my close friends, who are wheelchair users; one of whom … Read More

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – “Isn’t That Just Laziness?”

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) is often brushed off as tiredness or attention-seeking, if it’s recognised at all. After all, everyone gets worn-out. In reality people have died from CFS, and at its worst those with CFS cannot physically get out of bed. So why is it not taken seriously? Continuing our … Read More

The Undateables: Helpful or Harmful?

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BAFTA nominated TV programme ‘The Undateables’, which follows a different group of disabled singletons each week on their journey for love, has returned to Channel 4 for its seventh series. The popular reality show has been on our screens for five years now, yet still continues to evoke plenty of … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Accessible LUU

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Your Union Affairs Officer Jack Palmer writes about all the vents going on across Leeds as part of Disabled Access Day, as well as discussing how the Union Upgrade is affecting students right here at LUU. This weekend, 10th-12th March, there is a range of events, activities and talks taking … Read More

Keep Calm and Carry on

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Edmund Goldrick outlines the danger with the ‘tough it out’ attitude towards illness in the work place and university. Who’s at risk? And what should we be trying to change? Catch any bus, go to any university lecture, office, supermarket, and you will likely find clearly sick people toughing it … Read More

It’s time we talk about disability

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What I thought would be a regular Wednesday afternoon turned into one of the most educational and eye-opening days I’ve had in a long time. Sitting at a table with the Disability Action Society at Balcony, I’m not even looking down at the extensive list of questions I had prepared: … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Disabled is not a bad word

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When I started organising Disability History Month, I didn’t identify as disabled. Sure, I had some on-going, chronic health conditions, and a variety of mental illnesses – but I wasn’t disabled. That was reserved for more “serious” conditions. I didn’t look “disabled”. I didn’t have problems accessing buildings. In my … Read More

Equality and language choice

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Language is power. A catchy phrase can win an election and a sentence, if strung in just the right way, can change the course of understanding. It can hold all the power you can stuff into it and it can strip power from a group with little more than a … Read More

Observations on being disabled

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In this day and age, many will be tempted to think that the disabled have never had it so good. Even if that is true on paper, take it from me that we still have a long way to go as a society. Though not disabled myself, being in a … Read More

Heartwarming and genuine: The return of ‘The Undateables’

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When I saw the first advert for The Undateables, my immediate reaction was apprehension. Being a tolerant person who, like most, is sensitive to the feelings of those with disabilities or health conditions, I was worried that this would be a program providing entertainment for people looking for the ‘shock … Read More