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Mental Health A-Z: Q is for Quantity

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I’d always hated maths. I despised the boring simplicity of finding the one correct answer; using theory after theory to calculate the size of shapes I didn’t care about. The end of year 11 meant maths was nearly over, and lessons were a case of scraping through the exams. Revising … Read More

Cat s**t cray

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23.11.12 Cat owners beware – a Leeds University study has revealed that a parasite found in cat poo could directly alter the chemistry of the human brain. The research, led by Dr Glenn McConkey of the Faculty of Biological Sciences,  has provided key evidence that the parasite Toxoplasma gondii (or … Read More

Club faces closure after violent attacks

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Club Fire faces having its licence revoked after a string of attacks and criminal offences at the club. West Yorkshire Police have requested that Leeds City Council licensing committee review Fire’s licence “on the grounds of the prevention of crime and disorder”. The police claim there has been an increase … Read More