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Is the film industry diverting diversity?

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From personal experience, Aneeka Hussain takes a look at the bigger picture of minority representation in film. It’s no secret that the film industry is ride with old, white male actors. Actors who have become a symptom of the industry and used to tell a range of stories – most … Read More

Introducing…Vogue Arabia

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21 countries going on 22. The world’s most popular fashion magazine has just added a new country to its ever-growing collection. Let me introduce you to Vogue Arabia… Although Vogue Arabia is still very new (only launching online in October 2016 and the print edition on sale this month), the … Read More

Politics, culture and global representations

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Fashion are finally starting to get cultural acceptance right.  Fashion is an art form which allows individuals to express their personality, attitudes, opinions and their individual differences. In today’s current political climate, we witness a rise of groups which punish instead of celebrate culture, however in fashion there has been … Read More

Diversity is crucial within the workplace

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(Photo from Themocracy.com) Speak to any finance student about investments and two things are likely to be said: If they’re honest, they’ll have no clue what you should invest in. They’ll tell you that putting all your money in one company is a recipe for disaster. You have to diversify … Read More

East meets West fashion show at the Chinese New Year gala 2017 – a cultural display of 100 years of fashion

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As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations that took place at the Leeds town hall on Friday night, designer Laura Henery’s ‘East meets West’ fashion show was a triumph in showcasing the evolution of both Chinese and European fashion from the last 100 years. The event was a collaboration … Read More

A New Diverse Direction; a model example

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Unfortunately it’s become fact that the fashion industry lacks diversity when it comes to models but is this an issue of the past or something that is beginning to change?  Let’s look at the statistics from the Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion weeks. According to a diversity report conducted at the time, … Read More

Meet your new student exec

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Jack Palmer Union Affairs Which of your initiatives are you most excited about? Student engagement – that’s what I ran on and it’s still what I’m most excited about. I think when I ran, only 46% of students knew what the forums were and that’s not good enough. I want … Read More

Let’s talk about sex! (And pizza)

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Emma Healey, the Equality and Diversity exec is running “let’s talk about sex” sessions in student halls throughout next week. The sessions will be an open discussion to aid people in being able to support their friends who might have experienced sexual assault or abusive relationships. Emma says “As a survivor … Read More

Books | The Changing Face of Comic Books

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The comic book industry is a strange one. It’s dominated almost entirely by two companies -Marvel and DC – and as such, it’s perhaps the only entertainment industry that has managed to exclude, overlook or misrepresent entire groups of people for years. So when I found out the new Ms … Read More