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International Women’s Day 2016: what goes on behind closed doors

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The 8th of March marked International Women’s Day, a day intended to celebrate and spark discussion of the social, economic, and cultural achievements of women worldwide. This makes discussion of domestic violence ever more relevant, a discourse that has recently become more prominent. On International Women’s Day this year, the … Read More

An important comment on public perceptions: The Rise of Female Violence

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I approached the BBC3 documentary ‘The Rise of Female Violence’ with curiosity, not really knowing what to expect. Alys Harte presents the programme and speaks to victims of domestic abuse committed by women, perpetrators of violent acts, bouncers outside nightclubs and members of all-female gangs who take part in organised … Read More

News | UPDATE: Leeds restaurant's ad faces backlash

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A Leeds restaurant has been forced to remove its advert from a Hyde Park billboard after coming under fire for mocking domestic abuse charities. Following mounting pressure on social media and a number of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Red’s True BBQ concealed their advert which was seen to … Read More

Comment | Hyde Park ad – Shock advertising should be challenged

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If, like me, you didn’t know about Red’s True BBQ until this week, you’ll have seen their latest shock marketing campaign to stir social media. The company have launched an ad mocking vegetarianism using a design not unlike those advertising mental health or domestic abuse helplines. Coming at the end … Read More