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Impressive Blyth end Guiseley’s unbeaten streak

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Image Credit [Will Pickworth] On a cold Tuesday night in West Yorkshire in the company of six hundred and thirteen fans, Guiseley fell to a 3-1 defeat to Blyth Spartans, bringing to an end their five-game unbeaten run. It was a lively game of few chances, but the travelling side … Read More

About last night: where are we now?

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Theresa May’s snap election didn’t go entirely to plan. Much has changed, but not in the way most forecasted, with the Tories only to be saved from a hung parliament by the support of Northern Ireland’s DUP. Labour took seats across England, Scotland and Wales, whilst the Tories were saved by … Read More

Penguin Café Orchestra @ Howard Assembly Rooms, 12/3/17

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A Sunday night on desolate upper-Briggate’s Howard Assembly Rooms is not the most typical of settings, but Penguin Café are far from typical. As a ten-piece chamber jazz collective that ranges from Suede and Gorillaz members to Royal College of Music luminaries, the group that formed as the continuation of … Read More

Pints against policy?

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Union offers free pint in return for votes, contradicting assertion it “will never serve an alcoholic drink for less than £1.50”. Leeds University Union’s stance on alcohol has been called into question after they introduced free pints as part of a set of incentives to encourage people to vote in … Read More

In the Middle with Loyle Carner

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“People don’t know everything about me!” laughs Loyle Carner as I ask him about the personal depth of his lyrics, “and it’s almost a bit too late to worry about it anyway”. Speaking to the 22-year-old rapper less than a week before his much-anticipated debut album drops, it certainly is … Read More

Bitter off elsewhere? LUU drinks found to be pricier than first thought

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Gryphon study finds Old Bar and Terrace to be more expensive than local pubs and surrounding red brick universities. After conducting an investigation into the price of alcohol at different universities and local pubs, The Gryphon concludes that LUU is more expensive than similar student outlets and unions across the … Read More

Palace @ Belgrave, 24/11/16

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Since I last saw them in September 2015, Palace have released their first full album, grown their fan-base, and still managed to remain quietly below the mainstream radar. As the bluesy London four-piece took to stage, the headwear of frontman Leo Wyndham struck me immediately. His hat of choice had … Read More

An interview with Hilary Benn, MP

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The Gryphon sat down with Hilary Benn, Member of Parliament for Leeds Central, to discuss Trump, Brexit, and the state of the Labour Party. Sacked from his post of Shadow Foreign Secretary by Corbyn in June and now reportedly having to contend with the elections to his Leeds Central constituency … Read More

Our Man in West Yorkshire: a beginner’s guide to God’s own county 

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Be not afeared, the Dales are full of noises. Welcome to Yorkshire, a county unparalleled in terms of its natural beauty. Don’t believe me? Well, you must have missed BBC Four’s ‘All Aboard! The Country Bus’, a show that consisted solely of uninterrupted footage from a two-hour real-time bus journey … Read More

An underdog’s tale: the chronicle of Donald Trump

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It was almost too good to be true. For years, political comedians and writers had been out in the wilderness when it came to American politics, toiling for almost a decade to find anything remotely funny about the aspirational Obama regime. Collectively they would reminisce, sitting back and recounting the … Read More