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Report into doping accuses Sir Bradley Wiggins of “crossing ethical line”

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When thinking about doping many think of: the recent Russian scandal, which shows no signs of abating; the recent case of Maria Sharapova; or the infamous case of Lance Armstrong, who inspired the world by beating cancer, raising money for charity whilst continuing to be, or at least seeming to … Read More

Nine become eight as Bolt loses relay medal

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Usain Bolt, widely heralded as the most successful track athlete of all time and the fastest human ever recorded, has lost his unique claim to being the only sprinter in history to complete the ‘triple triple’ after he had one of his nine Olympic golds taken away on Wednesday because … Read More

They ken run, but they can't cheat

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EVER since twelve FIFA officials were arrested in Zurich in April 2015, the world of sport has been relentlessly plagued with allegations of corruption scandals, betting fraud and cheating. It is unsurprising that the media so viciously scrutinizes the world elites of sport today. Earlier this month, the first elite … Read More

Doping: Should Records Be Reset?

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Ever since athletics was first rocked by its ongoing and highly volatile doping scandal at the end of 2015, a massive amount of soul searching has taken place by the key figures throughout the sport. Key questions have had to be answered. How could cheating on this scale have been … Read More

Doping Scandal Puts Pressure on Lord Coe

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DOPING has always been an unwelcome presence in sport, but recent revelations have pushed the issue back into the limelight. Last year the World Anti-Doping Agency launched a commission into allegations of doping in Russian athletics, and published its findings earlier this month. The results shook the sport to its … Read More

Doping is inevitable in sport when the pressure to succeed is so high

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“Winning isn’t everything” is a classic sporting mantra. It’s supposed to teach us that we can only do our best and that taking part is the main thing. These sayings run on the assumption that athletes enjoy their sport and sporting events are little more than competitive rivalries. But nowadays … Read More

David Walsh interview – “Even if he hadn’t been caught it was totally worth it”

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Joe Bookbinder There are very few people who have never heard of Lance Armstrong, once thought to be the greatest cyclist ever, a  survivor who recovered from testicular cancer to win the Tour de France not once but seven times. This of course is common knowledge. What is less well … Read More

Floats like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee

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In Between the Lines: A Satirical View on Sport         With all the recent doping allegations that are ruining the reputation of sport, we must now ask ourselves whether it is really worth the time and money stopping performance enhancing drugs. If we embrace the gains that these … Read More

Debate: Dumping The Doper

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  This week Lance Armstrong’s reputable career has continued to crumble beneath him. The US Anti-Doping Agency has branded him guilty and stripped his seven Tour De France titles. Big Debate asks, does he deserve the punishment? NO: Joshua Barrett This week Lance Armstrong has been shown to be a … Read More

Long Arm-strong of the law ends Lance legacy

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It wasn’t so long ago that Lance Armstrong was one of the most respected sportsmen in history. A winner of the gruelling Tour de France on no fewer than seven consecutive occasions, following a heroic recovery from testicular cancer in 1996 – and more recently as a charity ambassador – … Read More