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EU applications to study in UK down by 9%

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According to UCAS, the number of applicants from EU students for top university courses in the UK have dropped by 9%. Following Brexit, there was concern from both UK and EU students about its impact on studying abroad as well as travelling, particularly in regards to the restriction of free … Read More

New Club Night IN/ON/UP/DOWN at Belgrave Music Hall Announce Autumn Line Up

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New club night IN/ON/UP/DOWN has announced it’s Autumn 2014 line up and if you like experimental electronic music, you’re in for an absolute treat. The night launches on 13th September with a co-headline show from Luke Abbott and WIFE at the Belgrave Music Hall and continues with Lone and PhOtOmachine … Read More

News | Mezz Club shuts down

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Mezz has closed down but the club night Tequila is to carry on, according to a statement released on Tequila UK’s Facebook page today. The closure comes days before the review of Mezz’s license on Dec 9. Tequila claim they have a new venue lined up and the club night … Read More

Union sales plummet

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The Union’s financial surplus has fallen by more than 98 per cent. Despite being a not for profit organisation, it aims to make a surplus each year. In 2011 this sum was £28,159, but in 2012 it fell to under £500. Speaking at the Union’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on … Read More