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Family of Student Who Died of Alcohol Consumption Hit Out at University Drinking Culture

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On the 13th December 2016, a ‘drink-fuelled initiation’ into the Agriculture Society at the University of Newcastle ended tragically with the death of 1st year economics student Ed Farmer. Now, almost two years on, an inquest has made clear the series of events which led to Ed’s death, and has … Read More

Leeds Students are ‘Playing with Fire’ When it Comes to Electrical Safety, Study Shows

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Most first year students have never lived on their own prior to university. As a result, they are often ill-informed about kitchen safety, or don’t take it as seriously as they should. UK Charity Electrical Safety First is attempting to change this. They recently conducted a survey, revealing the extent … Read More

NUS Survey Finds that 70% of Students Feel ‘Peer Pressured’ to Drink Alcohol

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The National Union of Students (NUS) recently conducted a survey of 2,215 students in higher education to gain a better insight into their relationship with alcohol. Alcohol forms a key part of Freshers Weeks and many societies’ socials. Despite this, many students have expressed the necessity for more sober socials, … Read More

Wine Soc’s £10 Sparkling Wine Picks

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Party season is almost upon us, so let Wine Soc guide you through your bubbly purchases… Last Christmas everyone was talking about this bottle of fizz, and rightly so. At only £10.99 this brilliant Aldi Champagne beat the likes of Lanson, Veuve Clicquot and Laurent-Perrier in the ‘Which Best Buys … Read More

The End of the Boozy Student?

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Annabelle Toon discusses whether or not we are witnessing the end of the British student drinking culture as we know it.   University is stereotyped by many as the place where it’s acceptable to be drunk for four days in a row and nobody is concerned for your health. The … Read More

Wine Soc’s ‘Around the World in 8 Wines’

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We’ve all enjoyed a bottle or two from the sunny climes of France, or South Africa, but what other countries are contributing to the production of wine? Let LUU Wine Soc President Coralie Strong broaden your horizons as she takes you on a whistle-stop tour of some of the world’s grape loving … Read More

Wine Society’s ‘Wine of the Week’

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LUU Wine Society President Coralie Strong returns to fill us in on what went down at their ‘David vs. Goliath’ wine event… ‘David vs Goliath’ everyone’s favourite wine event of the year was once again a huge success. With ten fantastic bottles on offer the challenge was to tell whether … Read More

Never have I ever played a drinking game…

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the sheer amount of drinking first years get up to. So it only seems natural to help you on your nights out to Fruity, Mission and the like by giving you some drinking games to help set off your careers of long nights and … Read More

LUU Wine Society’s ‘Wine of the Week’ – October 2nd

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A brand new feature for Society sees LUU Wine Society president Coralie Strong provide us with their member-voted ‘Wine of the Week’. Whether you’re a long-time lover of fine wines, or someone who prefers to stay within the confines of the ‘offie bottle’ category (looking at you, Blossom Hill…), Wine … Read More

Society Spotlight: Real Ale Soc

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A huge part of freshers, and University in general, is the drinking culture. So it seems fitting to tell all you freshers and refreshers about the Real Ale Society, so that you won’t be stuck having VKs and vodka mixers for the next three years. I reached out to committee … Read More