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The Mexican Earthquakes

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Earthquakes’ recent ubiquity in news should do nothing to lessen their perceptions within the public’s mind. These earth-shaking events can devastate entire cities, destroy millions of peoples’ lives and can kill thousands, yet are sorely misunderstood by most people, and reported incorrectly by much of the media. Earthquakes are caused … Read More

Shaken not stirred – all you need to know about the New Zealand earthquake

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A 7.5 magnitude quake struck New Zealand just after midnight on Sunday, 13th November. Since then, thousands of powerful aftershocks of varying intensity and proximity to the East of the South Island coast have continued to shake the country, with a 5.9 strength quake striking just the other day (22nd … Read More

Nepal earthquake appeal aims to reach £1,000

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A Union society is aiming to raise £1,000 to help victims of the Nepal earthquake. Leeds Indian Student Association has launched a Just Giving page and a donation scheme to match £5 donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal. Volunteers will also hold a stall in the Union foyer from … Read More