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Diabulimia: The invisible illness that desperately needs to be addressed.

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Type one diabetes is not a widely understood condition. It’s an enigma in the way it materialises, and it’s an enigma to society, too. In many ways, type one diabetes is an invisible illness. It presents invisible problems, of which diabulimia is one. The effects are devastating and commonly felt … Read More

To The Bone: the troubling relationship between drastic weight loss and Anorexia

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*Trigger warning: this article discusses eating disorders* I’ve written a lot about eating disorders, body issues and mental illness over the past two years, but I’ve found it difficult to put my contradictory feelings about Netflix’s To The Bone into writing. There is always a sharp intake of breath in … Read More

Disordered Eating Habits: Why the High School Curriculum Isn’t Helping

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High school is an influential social environment – a place where children are in constant comparison and competition with each other. It is also promoted as a safe space, but what if the two claims are unable to co-exist? The content of the curriculum in subjects such as dance, physical … Read More

The damaging impact of ‘What I eat in a day’ videos

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As a generation, there’s no doubt about it, we’re impressionable. Every word that flickers across our screen holds the potential to plant a seed of doubt in our minds. So it’s logical to be afraid of pseudo-professional nutrition advice; attractive twenty somethings pottering around their kitchen and telling us how … Read More

Body neutrality: the way to body acceptance or a lack of self-love?

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Body positivity has become a well-known phrase over the past few years; particularly within the eating disorder recovery community. In a nutshell, body positivity promotes unconditional self-love, and aims to soothe any racial, societal, or personal struggles with your body. As someone who has struggled with eating and body image, … Read More

You’ve recovered from an eating disorder… But what happens now?

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Eating disorders are damaging illnesses that can grasp away your happiness for long periods of time. For eating disorders awareness week, Charlie discusses the confusion you may feel once you have recovered from an eating disorder, and how to deal with conflicting feelings. You’ve reached out for support from your closest … Read More

My weight does not undermine my eating disorder

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I had an eating disorder for over three years, but my mind-set was disordered for much longer. It didn’t happen like the flick of a switch. It took years of subtle negativity, self-doubt and body comparisons, slowly creeping into my mental state like the darkening of the summer sky. What … Read More

The Sugar Tax: not the sweetest of ideas

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With the Sugar Tax placed upon fizzy drinks, many members of the parliament, dentists and Jamie Oliver enthusiasts alike are all rejoicing. It has been politically decided that sugar must equal obesity, rotting teeth and a general lack of health. Making people pay a little extra is therefore, from the … Read More

#EDAW16: Eating Disorders and Social Media

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Anorexia. Even typing the hatred word makes me shiver- never mind saying it. Memories of weekend trips to the eating disorders clinic to visit my best friend come flooding back. I was on daily duty to clock her eating habits to her mum, repeatedly reporting that she ate one cherry … Read More

#EDAW16: Why can’t we talk about our illnesses?

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Although eating disorders are increasingly being talked about, they still remain a topic to be subdued into our private lives. It is still the predominant view that mental illnesses remain hidden out of view, to avoid making others feeling uncomfortable, or to avoid being judged.   It’s still not ‘acceptable’ … Read More