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The Nobel Prize in Economics and Why You Should Care

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If you’ve had little prior exposure to economics, then the word might conjure up images of fusty, grey professors, wearing tweed and agonising over pie charts whilst using words like ‘hypothecation’. And that’s all (mostly) true. But despite its enduring reputation as the ‘dismal science’,by contrast to ‘cool’ sciences like … Read More

Italy facing off against the EU on announced new budget

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The Italian coalition government, which came in to power in June, announced its controversial draft budget plan last Thursday. Despite Italy’s large sovereign debt obligations, the budget outlined plans to escalate spending; a move that could break EU spending rules. The budget outlines a “citizens’ income” for the poor, tax … Read More

The End of the Road for UK’s Trade Ties with China?

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Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Beijing on Wednesday to beat the drum for deepening trade ties and showcasing Britain’s global ambitions. With the uncertainty of Brexit looming it is essential for the UK to open up new overseas markets as the general consensus is that trade with the EU … Read More

The Single Market and the UK: A Little Bit of Heaven, A Little Bit of Hell

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At the 11th hour of Brexit talks between Theresa May and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday 4th December, a veto mightier than the likes of what Johnson, Gove or Rees-Mogg could ever have dreamt of wielding was cast by ten Northern Irish MPs. The Democratic Unionist leader, Arlene ... Read More

Why Do the Catalans Want Independence?

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Following increasing unrest and tension, recent events in Spain have seen the northern region of Catalonia declare independence from Spain. This is on the back of a controversial referendum (outlawed by the Spanish government) in which 90% of the 43% of the population who voted were in favour of independence. … Read More

The Human League: How Richard Thaler’s ‘Nudge’ Theory Came Out On Top

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To the average person, the study of economics may appear to be a bunch of abstract theoretical concepts exclusive to those studying in further education or working in the City. However, the results of this year’s Nobel Prize suggest otherwise, conveying the impact of human nature on our economies. Leading … Read More

Care to Share?

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Uber, Deliveroo and Airbnb are all names we hear of, see, and perhaps even use, daily. On average, each day 40,000 people rent accommodation using Airbnb and 5.5 million people catch an Uber. But imagining an economy where just about everything is temporarily ‘rented’ rather than owned, from cars to … Read More

The Ig Nobel Awards: The Science Prize that Rewards the Weird and Wonderful

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Winning the Nobel Prize is the pinnacle of a scientist’s career. It is the ultimate reward for years of labour and hard work. They slave away in dimly lit rooms, the lack of sunlight forcing them dangerously close to developing rickets. They peer into microscopes for hours on end, their … Read More