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Campus Watch: Research has revealed Cardiff University adds just under £3bn to the UK economy

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It comes after London Economics, a policy and economics consultancy, produced and published a report that suggested the university generates £6.36 for every £1 it spends. With this evidence, the firm went on to calculate that the university made £2,918m in 2014/15, which is an increase of £248m from the … Read More

Nissan not fazed by Brexit!

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(Photo from : Nissan Insider ) With all the negativity at the moment a good bit of optimism is the only way forward to help promote our consumer confidence! It is not all doom and gloom, the latest GDP figures according to the Office of National Statistics show that UK … Read More

Driverless cars – the key to a brighter shared future?

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(Photo from : Inverse.com ) Since its inception in 2009, Google’s driverless car project has been at the cutting edge of autonomous car technology. With no pedals and no steering wheel, the 2014 ‘Koala Car’ prototype model was a game-changer, offering a safer and more comfortable driving experience with the … Read More

Your money is in a tax haven

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Very few of us would consider ourselves eager users of tax havens. Far from it! Some of you would be protesting on the streets against them before even a penny of yours found its way in one. Yet it’s not just your pennies, but a good handful of your pounds … Read More

Can Leeds be at the heart of potential Brexit success

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(Photo from Milners Blog) In the midst of the recent political and economic repercussions that have surrounded London in the past few months, it can become easy to be embroiled in the thought that ‘the city’ can prop up the nations current troubles. But to follow this dependent notion almost … Read More

Has Curiosity killed the economy?

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With NASA admitting that the cost of the Mars Curiosity rover has reached $2.6billion, $1billion over its original budget, LS asks whether the money would be better spent elsewhere? NO – Henry Beach Unless you’re an enthusiast of space, Mars, NASA or a member of the ‘astro’ cognoscenti, you may have a … Read More