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“What’s Your Kink?”: Meet Your Music Editors

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If you’re an avid reader of our section, then you already know everything you need to know about music. But what about the people running the section this year? We’ve put together a little Q&A so you don’t have to stalk us on Facebook (and more importantly, so you know … Read More

RAG Fashion Show – Editor’s Picks

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ELEMENTS Perhaps the most fundamental infrastructure of planet earth are the elements which can be traced back thousands of years, comprising briefly, but not entirely, of aluminium, titanium, silver, gold and copper. This dynamic Segment of the RAG fashion show incorporated a modern twist on a representation of these elements, … Read More

"The Fab Four”: meet your music editors

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So you know all about the music section. There’s music. There’s tunes. There’s top bants. But want to know a lil’ more about the faces behind the action? Well then, look no further than our Meet the Editors Guide to find out what it is that we are listening to … Read More

Editors @ O2 Academy 17/10

3 years ago / 0 comments

A minimalist backdrop doesn’t give much away for what’s to follow from Birmingham indie rockers Editors. The focus is definitely all on them tonight, not the stage scenery. And they are eager to please, performing with even more gusto than their reputation owes them. As the looming synths of ‘No … Read More

In Dream by Editors

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A spectrum of emotion and sound is unveiled immediately by post-punk band Editors in the first two songs of In Dream – the hauntingly macabre darkwave of ‘No Harm’ is shortly uplifted by the infectiously upbeat indie rock anthem ‘Ocean of Night’. Editors’ variety in genre is displayed from the … Read More

Music | Live in Leeds – Summer Camp, Editors & Gold Panda

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Summer Camp – Belgrave Music Hall (3/5) Summer Camp is a married couple from London who compose mellow lo-fi indie-pop with a hint of retro bits from the 1980s attached to it. They seem to be in love not only with each other but with everything Californian as well: Summer … Read More