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Unsigned & Breaking Out: New Prog For Autumn

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  The days are getting shorter, and the evenings more contemplative. So what better time to give some amazing unsigned Prog your attention? Heterochrome’s ‘Melancholia’ is just that. A short, beautiful, and melancholic journey. The Tehran based band have produced an outstanding debut. The instrumentation is exceptional, Mida’s vocals a … Read More

Leeds UKIP candidate supports NHS privatisation

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Leeds Central UKIP candidate Bill Palfreman has expressed his support for privatising the NHS at a hustings organised by Open Rights Group, Amnesty International, and Global Justice Now. Speaking first to the public in relation to cyber security and attacks on the NHS, Palfreman said “I don’t know if anyone remembers … Read More

The Source by Ayreon

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Ayreon, the (mostly) science fiction rock opera project by Dutch musician Arjen Lucassen, returns with The Source. Ayreon has always been somewhat of a curiosity. Lucassen is notoriously shy, and seldom performs live, though he did organise a short run stage show of one of his albums in Rotterdam. Despite … Read More

Dear UK: you can win Eurovision (next year)

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Dear UK, We need to have a talk. It’s about Eurovision. I’ve heard your entries. What do you think you’re playing at? Don’t you know there are people who care about your reputation? Keep up this work that’s devoid of humour, flare, and talent, and all those jokes about the … Read More

My life in targeted ads

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Ever wondered why the internet shows you adverts for things you’re sure you don’t need? Edmund gives us an insight into the life adverts think he should be leading… The world grows darker. We fret over increased surveillance, the capacity to store our information, and the freakish accuracy of online … Read More

Lost in Translation

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On the 4th of March, a motley collection of Japanophiles, Metal Heads, and Japanese expats gathered at Wembley Arena to see the biggest band in the world you’ve never heard of: X Japan. They’ve sold over 30 million records, pioneered a genre – Visual Kei, Japan’s answer to glam rock … Read More

Keep Calm and Carry on

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Edmund Goldrick outlines the danger with the ‘tough it out’ attitude towards illness in the work place and university. Who’s at risk? And what should we be trying to change? Catch any bus, go to any university lecture, office, supermarket, and you will likely find clearly sick people toughing it … Read More

Strange museums of the world

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You might think museums are boring attractions full of the same old dusty artefacts, but here Edmund gives you a run-down of the strangest and most wonderful museums across the world… Please forgive the jarring tone of this piece, some museums are great because they are amusing, while others are … Read More

Students seek sex ed overhaul

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Students meet in the University Union to discuss plans for overhaul of outdated LGBT+ excluding curriculum. An enthusiastic group met at the Union on Thursday night to discuss materials from the Sexual Wellbeing Foundation, a student charity aimed at reforming the curriculum. Currently, the approved curriculum focuses on STDs, pregnancy … Read More

A love letter to Iran

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This was going to be a piece about renewed tensions between Iran and America. It was going to discuss what President Rouhani has tried to achieve and why, Iran’s parallel state structures, their political and economic aspirations, possible repercussions for US manufacturing, and how for three decades conservative America has … Read More