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‘TEFCO’ protest against university reform proposals

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On Monday afternoon, Leeds Union activists ran a stall outside Essentials in a bid to register students for NUS’s forthcoming national demonstration. The apron wearing, tin can wielding campaigners petitioned under the banner ‘TEFCO’ in an attempt to highlight the marketisation of higher education widely associated with Theresa May’s Teaching … Read More

NUS holding demo against higher education changes this weekend

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This weekend in London the NUS demo will take place and University of Leeds is taking students along. For this event, the NUS has joined forces with the University and College Union. Higher education is changing dramatically – NHS bursaries and maintenance grants have been scrapped, the student loan terms … Read More

Where are all the women?

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It’s 2016, so how come women still aren’t being given the same amount of representation as men? Gender imbalance within academia is something that is often discussed, but then put to one side. Often, people choose to focus on the merit of professors, students or staff, regarding someone’s intelligence as … Read More

Degrees of Privilege

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Meenakshi Parmar asks whether a degree is in fact a privilege or contributing to an increasing sense of wealth disparity. Income inequality in the UK is alive and blossoming, with the top 10% of society owning approximately half of the country’s private wealth, according to the Office for National Statistics. … Read More

Brexit uncertainty and higher education

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As we all know ‘Brexit’ has led to adjustments within our economy. However what you may not know is the effect these are set to have upon students. The value of our currency has dropped significantly, particularly against the US dollar, where the exchange rate is at a 31-year low! … Read More

Union Forum Proposals: Female-only gym hours?

2 years ago / 405 comments

The upcoming Union Forums are discussing some hot topics in the coming weeks. The Gryphon has cherry-picked some of the very best and interesting ideas to inspire you to get debating, get pro-active and get involved. Female-only gym hours? Namrah Shahid has proposed that the Edge provide female-only gym sessions … Read More

The Arts: worth it or worthless?

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The idea that a Bachelor of Arts degree is useless is by no means a new one. For years the debate between choosing to study something you love, or studying something that will earn you money has been at the forefront of every prospective university student’s mind. But where does … Read More

Meet your new student exec

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Jack Palmer Union Affairs Which of your initiatives are you most excited about? Student engagement – that’s what I ran on and it’s still what I’m most excited about. I think when I ran, only 46% of students knew what the forums were and that’s not good enough. I want … Read More

University of Leeds to raise fees

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The University of Leeds have confirmed that they will raise tuition fees to £9250 in the 2017/18 academic year. A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “Leeds offers an outstanding education and student experience and we are confident that this will be recognised in future TEF exercises, as it is in … Read More

Silencing the Truth: Why Natasha Devon was Right to Speak out Against the Government

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At the beginning of this month, campaigner and entrepreneur Natasha Devon was dropped as the Conservative government’s ‘mental health champion’ in the Department of Education having only been appointed to the role in August of last year. The role was created to raise awareness of mental health problems, particularly among … Read More