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University of Leeds to raise fees

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The University of Leeds have confirmed that they will raise tuition fees to £9250 in the 2017/18 academic year. A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “Leeds offers an outstanding education and student experience and we are confident that this will be recognised in future TEF exercises, as it is in … Read More

Silencing the Truth: Why Natasha Devon was Right to Speak out Against the Government

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At the beginning of this month, campaigner and entrepreneur Natasha Devon was dropped as the Conservative government’s ‘mental health champion’ in the Department of Education having only been appointed to the role in August of last year. The role was created to raise awareness of mental health problems, particularly among … Read More

10, 000 March Against Education Cuts in London

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It is estimated that around 10,000 protesters took to the streets of London on Wednesday to campaign against the scrapping of maintenance grants, high tuition fees and student debt. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell addressed the crowd, saying: “Your generation has been betrayed by this Government in increases to tuition fees, … Read More

An Audience with… Akala.

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Last Tuesday, the Union was abuzz for no ordinary guest seminar, with the queue snaking through the Union foyer, not too dissimilar to the ticket queue to get into Fruity on a Friday night; however this was in fact to hear Akala host a seminar as part of a series … Read More

Why is my curriculum white?

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I’ve always been a great believer in education. I genuinely think it is the most amazing thing life has to offer, mind the cheese, but I don’t know how else to describe just how incredible and valuable it is. In my view, nothing else in life has the same impact … Read More

“Education is everything”: why we should support free education

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I’m proud to have recently proposed the motion ‘Should LUU lobby the government to ensure that their aspiration for higher education is that it is free?’, which can now be voted on in a referendum until 11th December. Education is everything. If we’re still having to debate that at this … Read More

Features | Where have all the International students gone?

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With the number of international students studying at UK Universities decreasing in recent years, Joseph Birch investigates where all the international students have gone and why they’re staying away.   A report by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has revealed that numbers of International and EU students … Read More

Comment | The brutal lessons of WW1

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Most people’s knowledge of the Great War is summed up perfectly in an episode of Friends in which Phoebe and Rachel reach the conclusion that the allied forces fought against Mexico in the First World War. I should point out that Germany did indeed attempt to ally itself with Mexico, … Read More

Features | 'I went into labour the night before my exam'

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Trying to stay on top of deadlines is difficult for many students, but even more so with a baby to look after. This week LS talks to Kathleen Van Geete, a mother of two, about how being a mother spurred her on to get a degree.   What made you … Read More

Features | Five of the best alternative moments in British history

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For most people their studies of British history at school began at 1066 and ended in 1945 with Churchill flipping V signs in Trafalgar Square, but now Michael Gove wants to change that with his radical overhaul of the history curriculum. Here LSi gives five suggestions to Mr Gove of … Read More