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Food | Get good at cooking – Eggs

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Hey yolks, this week: EGGS! Probably the cheapest, most delicious, most versatile ingredient on the planet and an essential item to be able to cook. Let’s go through the myriad of methods to eggy heaven. Scrambled: I add a dash of milk to make it go a bit further. I … Read More

Food | Life hacks for Freshers

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Life as a Fresher is hard: you’re in a small space with people you don’t know and you’re now (probably) desperately poor. Well fear not. LSi is here to share some great ideas to save money, keep yourself looking sexy, and generally improve your life. Enjoy! 1. Use bulldog clips … Read More

Film | Freeview Flicks of the Week (02–09/09)

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There’s always a wide selection of great films available on Freeview. And seeing as staying in is the new going out, TV presents the ideal opportunity to catch up on what you might have missed in the cinema. Plus, it saves you spending your student loan on DVDs and rentals. … Read More

Alternative Easter Eggs: the eggsposé

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Nestlé’s offerings to combat the mighty Mini Egg are their MILKYBAR or SMARTIES adaptations. Why anyone would want to add a hard sugar shell coating to white chocolate is a mystery to me; so the former was a saccharine snarl up. The latter are a touch less lacklustre, but really … Read More