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Young vintage lovers in Leeds

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When it comes to Generation Y and the ‘Millennial’ experience, the youth of today have a tough ride. Having drawn the short straw thanks to economic depression, climate change and the implications of the ‘baby boomer’ culture, insult is added to injury when older generations brand us as ‘shallow’, ‘social … Read More

Brexit: the aftermath

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This week, Theresa May confirmed that there would be no turning back with invoking the Lisbon Treaty. After June’s referendum result, the UK is set to leave the EU, a first in the organisation’s history. The young population will undoubtedly be the ones experiencing the effects of the referendum result … Read More

Let’s go to… Norfolk!

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Norfolk may not bring to mind the most glamourous of images, especically not if you’ve been dreaming of holidays abroad. In fact, there mere mention of Norfolk and most people will hit you with jokes about strange accents and webbed feet. The county gets a bad rep, when in actual … Read More

Hands off! Why the new porn legislation is wrong

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In an attempt to sanitise the British public, face-sitting, physical restraint, female ejaculation and spanking will all be eradicated from pornography in Britain, both online and in films available in sex shops. The ban will impose great restrictions on the UK adult film industry, but videos made outside Britain may … Read More

Male bisexuality: Why the stigma?

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The concept of sexuality should be very simple in this day and age. We’re past the old buggery laws and discrimination in employment, and some amazing civil rights movements over the decades have taken place in the LGBT community in Britain. However, as far as attitudes are concerned, there is … Read More

Comment | In praise of the all-male panel ban

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We shouldn’t need quotas for anything. However, the world is still not an equal place, even in the seemingly liberal world of Western media. Discrimination is so ingrained within the fabric of our society, that many people just won’t notice prejudices in themselves; even those who seem like the best … Read More

Debate | #banbossy

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Last week, businesswoman and Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg launched a new #BanBossy campaign aiming to ban the word “bossy” on the grounds that it discourages young girls from ambition and leadership. With support from celebrities like Condoleezza Rice and Beyoncé, the campaign soon received a lot of media attention. Yet it … Read More

TV: Complicit

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  Having a sensitive disposition I knew exactly what I was getting myself into with Complicit. Tense, challenging and sometimes slow, this programme toys with your beliefs and your morals, and leaves you disturbed and upset, but fascinated, and very much enlightened. David Oyelowo is incredible as Edward Ekubo, an … Read More

TV: The Undateables

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  With the second series in full swing, Eleanor Healing and Josh Taylor ask whether this controversial show is really just a form of social mockery?   YES Searching for love can be a treacherous and unnerving task; a task that may be near impossible if you’re disabled for that … Read More

Books: Top Five books you’ve never read

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The Needle In The Blood by Sarah Bower Brimming with sex and violence, The Needle In The Blood is set during the Norman conquest of England and is cleverly imagined through the minor, often-overlooked figures of the Bayeux Tapestry whose identities and history remains mysterious and debatable.   Bad Dirt … Read More