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Campus Watch: Christmas Edition

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University of Limerick: Union Cancels Christmas Knees-Up The University of Limerick released a statement last week claiming that its main union bar would not be serving alcoholic drinks to punters in the run-up to the Christmas break. In a Facebook post, The Stables Club, Limerick’s equivalent of Terrace, stated: “There … Read More

RAG Week: Raising Awareness and Giving Something for Everyone

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RAG Member and News Editor, Eleanor Smith, gives us a run-down on LUU’s biggest volunteering society’s largest event of the year. This week saw Leeds Raising and Giving (RAG) take over the University of Leeds as RAG Week launched into action. The week, aimed at raising money for grass-roots Leeds-based … Read More

Campus Watch

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Imperial College London: ‘Hologram’ Lecturers: Futuristic New Technology Used to Teach Students Learners are changing, learning is changing and where learning takes place is changing. This is no longer the future, this is now. #Digital upskilling is vital to simply exist in the modern world, let alone thrive. #DADigiStrat https://t.co/GxHQH0NuSK — … Read More

The Contraceptive Pill: Are the Side Effects Really Worth It?

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The pill is extremely common in society today. By 16, I, and many of my friends, were taking it, whether it be for contraception, to alleviate painful periods, or for dealing with acne. Due to its hormone balancing properties, the pill can offer many solutions to women. Yet, it does … Read More

An Expected End for NME

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Iconic music magazine NME ended its print run last week, after sixty-six years of publication. The move came after the publication’s dwindling circulation numbers saw its shift from a paid title to free magazine in 2015. Yet, despite the magazine costing nothing to the consumer, its popularity did not improve, … Read More

The ‘Latte Levy’: A Small Price to Pay to Save our Planet

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A charge, nicknamed the ‘latte levy’, is being trialled by Starbucks, that will see customers charged 5p for the use of a disposable takeaway cup. The charge is part of a plan to reduce the number of disposable takeaway cups that we use, currently estimated at 2.6 billion per year. … Read More

Frida Kahlo Fans United and Divided Over V&A’s Upcoming Exhibition

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From the 6th June to the 4th November 2018 there will be an exhibition of some of Frida Kahlo’s personal artefacts and clothing at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. After Kahlo’s death, her husband, Diego Rivera, locked many of her possessions in a bathroom at their home in … Read More

Policitising The Oscars: should celebrities be leading the way?

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Following one of the most political Academy Awards ceremonies, and indeed awards seasons, in history, questions are being asked about whether we should be politicising award ceremonies and looking to celebrities to make statements about the political landscape. One of the movements at the forefront of the Oscars was the … Read More

Luay Abdul-Ilah – Divine Names Review

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Luay Abdul-Ilah’s novel Divine Names is stylised as ‘a modern tale on the possibilities of being’. It is different from the types of works that usually grace our bookshelves because of its content, context, and the author’s style. The story is told by an omniscient narrator in four parts, revealing … Read More

The Millennial Railcard is a Poor Compromise for Millennials in Crisis

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One of the measures announced in the 2017 Autumn Budget was the extension of the 16-25 railcard to now include those aged 26-30. This will affect up to 4.6 million people when it comes into effect in spring 2018. The measure, nicknamed ‘The Millennial Railcard’, appears, on the surface, like ... Read More