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Campus Watch: Pennsylvania use puppies to combat post-election distress

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The University of Pennsylvania has provided emotional support puppies, colouring books and chocolate for devastated students after Trump’s victory in the race for presidency. Daniel Trancredi from the University told The College Fix: “There were actual cats and puppy” which were used as calming influences for the students. He went … Read More

Trump is our problem too

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Trump’s victory was followed by an uncharacteristically gracious acceptance speech where he reached out to opponents and pledged to serve for all. This is perhaps an early sign that he could in practice be less radical than the election signalled. However a number of Trump’s positions still look to produce … Read More

Election Night: An Editor’s Take

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So, Trump has won. Those are words I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write, but fortune was not so kind. A campaign fuelled by hatred and deception has resulted in the least qualified individual ever to receive the party nomination winning the White House. It would be easy, and … Read More

How it happened: election breakdown

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While the final upshot forecast may have given Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an 84% chance of victory in the presidential election, it is reality television star and businessman Donald Trump that has secured 279 electoral votes, and the White House. Clinton versus Obama Clinton did not perform as well … Read More

From outsider to the Oval Office: Trump’s timeline

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1988 •  Oprah asks Trump if he would ever run for president – “Probably not,” he answers, “[but] I think I’d win. I’ll tell you what: I wouldn’t go in to lose.” 1999  •  Seeks presidential nomination for the Reform Party, but prematurely ends campaign. May 2011  •  Roasting from … Read More

Clinton vs Trump: LSR host press conference ahead of US elections

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Leeds Student Radio held a press conference in Old Bar this evening ahead of the US elections.  With Old Bar filling up already, members of LSR talked to the press about the US elections, giving their thoughts and opinions about the upcoming results. Members of the panel represented both the … Read More

Over 7000 vote in Exec & Gryphon elections

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A total of 7744 students cast their vote in this year’s leadership race, a slight decrease from the 8,488 students that voted last year, despite the voting period being extended by three days. More first years voted that any other year of study, with 41% of freshers taking part, compared … Read More

Outdated and unfair: it’s time for electoral reform

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I never thought I’d see the day I agreed with Nigel Farage, but he recently hit the nail on the head, stating that it was the time for ‘real, genuine, and radical reform’ in our frankly outdated voting system. We have a system that works based on two major parties … Read More

‘I couldn’t vote’: Council accused of polling errors

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Students have spoken of their frustration at being denied the right to vote after it is alleged Leeds City Council made a string of errors on election day. Several students have told The Gryphon they had trouble casting their vote on 7th May, with some unable to vote altogether. One undergraduate was … Read More