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Coalition: Political Drama or Satirical Comedy?

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Coalition Review Channel 4’s Coalition was, of course, entertaining in its own right, presenting the head scratching and tragically funny last days of the 2010 formation of our coalition government. Although entertaining, the programme failed to be precise about the process, just so it could be made more enjoyable. It … Read More

Our statement on Sunday night’s email from your Union Affairs Officer

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Dear all, Last night your Union Affairs officer sent every society on campus an email (the full text of which will be printed below this statement) trying to persuade you to vote in a particular fashion. We will be taking further action to address this issue. However, for now allow me to … Read More

Leadership Race results announced

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The Leadership Race has drawn to a close with the announcement of the new Gryphon Editor and Student Exec. Results from the four-day election were announced to a packed Union foyer on Friday evening. A total 8,488 students voted in the Leadership Race this year to elect seven candidates who … Read More

News | Young politicians face ‘prejudices’, says Councillor, 22

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Leeds City’s youngest councillor has called for more young people to get into politics despite the ‘barriers’ they face. Alice Smart, who won a seat in this year’s local elections aged 21, rejected claims she is too young to enter politics, although admitted there “can definitely be an issue” with … Read More

Features | LUU Elections – The Highs and Lows

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It’s that time of year again when campus is plastered with posters telling us to ‘Vote for X’ or ‘Get down with Y’ and our Twitter feeds are taken over by the union trying desperately to break last year’s participation record. While it may seem like this year’s election has … Read More

Big Debate: Bobbies Off The Beat

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An expected low turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections suggests the public are either lacking in interest or faith in the highly-paid role. This week Big Debate asks, do they matter? YES: Ben Fisher By the time you read this, we’ll know whether fears of abysmal turnout in … Read More

Voting from space

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As we all saw from Tuesday’s US presidential election, every vote counts. With “absentee” American’s casting their vote early by post or in person, how could the few that are not even on Earth cast their vote? The ultimate “absentee” voters would be living on board the International Space Station, … Read More