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A Distant Thumping on the Edge of Town: Tensile returns to Beaver Works

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As the biannual exodus of students begins, a dark, discreet crowd of people shall be working their way towards the outskirts of town. What they shall find there is not for the faint hearted. No, Leeds does not foster a cult of satanic worshipers (not to my limited knowledge of … Read More

In The Middle with MXI

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Blessed by an abundance of talent in the local area, In The Middle has set its sights on uncovering some of the finest unsigned and small-label artists in Yorkshire and beyond, in a showcase of the acts we’re looking forward to seeing grow over the next few years. Linton Nugent … Read More

Music | Album Review – Rustie

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Rustie Green Language Rustie’s first album Glass Swords had a definite air of the apocalyptic about it. Not in a nihilistic sense but rather a completely celebratory one. People talk of difficult second albums, how about difficult questions? So then, what comes after the end of the world? Well, I … Read More

Music | Galaxians Interview at Beacons Festival 2014

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What’ve you been up to so far? Matt: Just mooching about really. Whenever I come to Beacons there are so many people that I know, sometimes people that I haven’t seen for ages, and I  end up not watching any bands. But I went and danced to the Optimo set. … Read More

Preview: Black Light w/ Dave Clarke & Luke Slater

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Black Light Dave Clarke, Luke Slater Mint Saturday 3rd November 9.30pm – 6am £17 If you’re a techno fan and you live within a five mile radius of Leeds, you should be heading to Mint on November 3rd. Promoters Black Light, having hosted their own stage at the first ever … Read More