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The Safari Diaries: Day 2

1 year ago / 0 comments

What people forget to tell you about Africa is that it gets cold there, too – colder than you would expect, especially out in the Savannah. That’s why at 6 a.m. on my second day in South Africa I set off to see the elephants looking like this: Despite nearly freezing … Read More

Science | Elephants express empathy like humans

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Empathy has finally been experimentally expressed in elephants. The creatures have been documented exhibiting behavioral examples of empathy towards each other, acknowledging the pain or distress of another elephant. Notably, they are even reported to elicit efforts to heroically help one another. Elephant populations are declining, their ivory deemed more precious than their existence; … Read More

Science | Ivory trade signals the end of the elephant

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Last week US officials grabbed headlines after destroying over five tonnes of illegal ivory, seized over the last 25 years since the global ban on ivory trade was implemented in 1989. The stockpile was said to be worth over £6bn and was estimated to have been the equivalent of around … Read More