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Christmas Stocking Fillers

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Christmas is calling and while you’re mulling some wine you’re probably mulling over what’s worth including on your Christmas wish list. To give a helping hand, I’ve included an editor’s pick of what I’m hoping to find in my stocking this year. Christmas Reads…             … Read More

In The Middle With: Cassandra Joseph

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Featured on PhotoVogue Italia in May 2018, Leeds-based photographer, Cassandra Joseph, garnered recognition for her breathtaking visual styling. In this issue, we gain an insight into the creative mind behind the eye. At which age did you begin to create the content that you do now? I was around 18 when … Read More

Leeds’ Vintage Boutiques

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Leeds’ Vintage Boutiques Fashion Editor, Elicka Ghahramani, ranks Leeds’ most renowned secondhand haunts. Sue Ryder: Nestled amongst Headingley’s generous cluster of charity shops, Sue Ryder is often erroneously mistaken as one. But once you enter it becomes pretty clear that the vivacious and eccentric pieces stocked here just scream ‘Very … Read More

This week’s Style File goes to Leandra Medine Cohen

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A renowned fashion and lifestyle blogger, author, fashion collaborator and fashion model; it would be wrong not to dedicate a style file to Leandra Medine Cohen. The 29 year-old New Yorker’s career in fashion kicked off after the creation of her blog, Man Repeller, in 2010. The content of the … Read More

Repeal the 8th

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In late May 2018, the Republic of Ireland, still considered the most intransigent Catholic state in the world, will hold a referendum on repealing the 1983 eighth amendment of the Irish constitution. Currently, the eighth amendment outlaws abortion by giving the life of the foetus equal value to the mother’s, ... Read More

Controversy over announcement of 2018’s Met Gala theme

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Although it feels as though the 2017 Met Gala has barely been and gone, the Costume Institute have recently announced the event’s 2018 theme as Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Unsurprisingly, the religious direction of the theme generated headlines that immediately commented on how controversial it is. And, … Read More

Period Poverty. Why is it a Thing?

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The topic of period poverty has been circulating the media for over a month now, and yet many are still startlingly unaware and uninformed on the seriousness of the issue. Global girls’ rights charity Plan International UK recently published findings that a shocking one in ten young women between the … Read More

Adidas model receives abuse after being pictured with hairy legs

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At the end of last month, Adidas Originals launched their AW17 Bold Women’s campaign, a collection that can be distinguished by the chunky, curved platform sole: the material embodiment of a firm, powerful step… Some might say the metaphor is too obvious. To promote the campaign, through a number of … Read More

Fashion industry strives to achieve cultural diversity

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The issue of cultural diversity in the modelling industry has been in contention for a good chunk of more than two decades. However, before even beginning to debate the topic, I’m going to begin by refreshing memories on the definition of the term itself: a wide and differing variety of … Read More