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A Moment More Sublime: The Life of a College Professor

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Labour disputes and classroom discussions of Aristotle are not the first subjects which spring to mind when considering what makes a gripping work of fiction. Yet Stephen Grant’s debut novel, A Moment More Sublime, has both in abundance and still remains eloquent, witty and engrossing. A Moment More Sublime centres on … Read More

Books | Sex and the Citadel – Reconsidering attitudes towards sexuality in the Arab world

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The Middle East is present in media outlets everyday yet, in the West, sexuality in Arab culture is still only tentatively discussed. The difficult subject matter is made accessible to all readers as Shereen El Feki, a journalist and former medic who has ties to Canada, Wales and Egypt, is … Read More

Books | Cheat's guide to The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

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Everyone loves a good bonnet,  but if you’re  weary of Wuthering Heights or feeling jaded by Jane Eyre, here’s  an alternative from the ‘other’ Brontë: Anne. Who? Gilbert Markham:A young single farmer whose epistolary narrative provides details of his meeting an elusive widow and their subsequent love affair. Helen Graham : … Read More

Books | The Fields – You’ll laugh, cry and remember your own time as a teenager

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Anyone with even a drop of Irish blood will recognise the scenes in Kevin Maher’s honest, unpretentious and highly entertaining tale of 13-year-old Jim Finnegan’s formative years in 1980s Dublin. But, even for those without aged Irish relatives and obscenely extended families, the antics of teenage boys are universally understood. … Read More