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Genetic Manipulation – Ground-breaking or Unethical?

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At times scientific development feels as if it’s hurtling along, with the rapid growth of technology allowing the science community to reach new heights that may have been unheard of only a few years ago. The manipulation of genes within embryos is not a new development, with research being undertaken … Read More

The Grammys: Adele’s ode to Beyonce

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Media attention is something Adele can often be seen to be withdrawing from, leading a private life as far away from the public eye as she can manage. In spite of these efforts, the well loved singer has drawn a wealth of media attention for one of her speeches at … Read More

Banning the Daily Mail is a risk

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In an unprecedented move for the online encyclopaedia, English Wikipedia have voted to ban The Daily Mail as a source for citation, claiming it to be ‘generally unreliable’. The paper is now prohibited from being used in contributions to the English section of Wikipedia, save for ‘exceptional circumstances’. This decision … Read More

The poppy problem

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With the seemingly endless list of current battles and wars that are waged on foreign soil and instigated by western governments, it isn’t difficult to fathom why some have ceased to wear a poppy. The artificial and decorative flower has been a manifestation of Remembrance Sunday and the 11th of … Read More

Turncoat Trump backtracks on headline policies

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He has yet to officially begin his presidency, but President-Elect Donald Trump has already reached nearly a dozen U-turns on policy promises that featured prominently in his campaign. His pledges were controversial, but granted his campaign the support of voters who thought that only the most radical of changes from … Read More

How it happened: election breakdown

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While the final upshot forecast may have given Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an 84% chance of victory in the presidential election, it is reality television star and businessman Donald Trump that has secured 279 electoral votes, and the White House. Clinton versus Obama Clinton did not perform as well … Read More

Campus Watch: Coventry safe sex initiative offers students £400 to have sex on camera

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A Coventry University project aimed at reducing the number of young adults with STIs has been criticised after offering students £400 to have sex on camera. Project leader Dr Katie Newby explained that the films and other accompanying elements of Chance2Change – financially supported by the government funded Medical Research … Read More

Trump still might ‘grab’ the presidency

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Recently, his supporters have popularised a hash tag urging politicians to repeal the nineteenth amendment. Over the years – even just over the course of his campaign – he has come out with outrageous, xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic comments. Yes, Donald Trump is an altogether disgusting human being, one that … Read More

Attempted burglar falls to his death

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On Saturday 8th October police were called to Claremont Avenue, situated within half a mile of the University, as a man’s body had been found outside a house. Students living on the road awoke to a white tent obscuring the view of a neighbour’s back yard and a police cordon … Read More

Campus Watch: Shooting on Pennsylvania university campus

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In the early hours of Sunday morning, at the main campus in Lower Oxford Township, shots were fired at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. In an incident that has been described to Action News as being one of a number of skirmishes at a concert on campus as part of the … Read More