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Going Underground with Zine Culture

2 years ago / 0 comments

Rabeeah Moeen looks at the history of zine culture and its growing popularity with modern counter-cultures. As a medium of publication, self-printing has always been around. Perhaps we see it more nowadays, when printing is largely accessible and remains relatively inexpensive, but since the invention of the printing press, if … Read More

Should Civil Partnerships be open to heterosexual couples?

4 years ago / 0 comments

Yes Jasmine Andersson Civil ceremonies were initially introduced as a poor cousin to marriage in order to not only demean LGBTQ relationships, but to heighten the virtues of marriage. Although this agenda still sits stiffly with the conservative preserve-makers of British society, it left the youth of the population juggling … Read More

The Subways by The Subways

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I’m unashamed to say that The Subways provided the soundtrack to my awkward early teenage years, and with their new album I hoped they could soundtrack my awkward early adulthood too. The Subways did not disappoint. Billy, Charlotte and Josh are on top form with their fourth album, maybe even … Read More

Remove the head or destroy the brain? The Science of Zombie Killing

4 years ago / 0 comments

Zombie apocalypses have become so common in our TV shows, films and video games, that the majority of the population probably have a rough survival plan should one strike. Zombies themselves have been prevalent in the media since the 1930s as reanimated ghouls, but in recent years the scientific explanations … Read More

Debate| Is The Tab's 'Which far-right group are you? quiz acceptable?

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This week, The Tab published a quiz on their website entitled,’Which far-right group are you?’. Although some might interpret it as no more than light-hearted satire, LS Debate asks, is this latest post by The Tab acceptable?

Lifestyle | Brain food to help you through the essay and revision period

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Balancing revision and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, as it’s far too easy to opt for a frozen pizza rather than put the effort into cooking from scratch when the all-important exam period is looming.Yet as delicious as frozen pizzas can be, making your own meals and choosing certain … Read More

Food | Leeds’ Gastronomic Hidden Gems

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Leeds is chock-full of restaurants: some havens of culinary delight, others hell holes of salmonella. LSi Lifestyle and Culture has scouted out the very best food and drink secrets of Leeds which might have slipped past your radar.   Oranaise – Hyde Park Probably the most authentic Algerian restaurant in … Read More