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Black Music in Leeds: The Rise of Sound Systems and the Advent of ‘Pirate’ Radio

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Claude ‘Hopper’ Hendrickson, now a Project Manager working on Racial Justice campaigns such as the ‘Race Card Project’ at Leeds West Indian Centre, has been involved in Leeds’ Sound Systems since the age of fourteen. He speaks to Ellie Montgomery about his experiences of identity, community and music within the … Read More

“What’s Your Kink?”: Meet Your Music Editors

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If you’re an avid reader of our section, then you already know everything you need to know about music. But what about the people running the section this year? We’ve put together a little Q&A so you don’t have to stalk us on Facebook (and more importantly, so you know … Read More

IntheMiddle with Phill Jupitus

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Arts Writer, Ellie Montgomery, catches up with renowned comedian Phill Jupitus,  discussing political comedy and the need for men to move aside and let women take centre stage. Long-time comedy veteran Phill Jupitus is admired across the world for his stellar stand-up, various acting roles and as a beloved team … Read More

Isaac Gracie @ Belgrave Music Hall

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In the smoky and sultry upstairs performance space of Belgrave, Isaac Gracie charmed Leeds on Thursday night with a truly delightful set. Beginning with support from the equally talented WILDES, otherwise known as Ella Walker, the show was off to an excellent start. In an act which can only be … Read More

50 Years of Summer: the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

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In San Francisco, 1967, a cultural revolution was taking place. Teenagers were questioning and challenging the values of the previous generation; conservatism, monogamy and tradition were rejected in favour of vibrant music, sexual liberation and psychedelia. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. In light of … Read More

The Death of the Punk in a Digitalised Age

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The iconography of the ‘Punk’ has been both popularised and reproduced at a staggering rate since its heyday in the late ‘70s. Beginning as a set of shared ideological values and musical taste, the infamous reputation of the ‘Punk’ lifestyle seems to go beyond simply a subculture in modern times. … Read More

Festival Review: Isle of Wight 2017

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There’s something truly enchanting about the eclectic mix of people, from all walks of life, who flock to Isle of Wight festival each year. This can only be a consequence of its respective line up which provides us with the mash up of the classic, the quirky and the just … Read More

Preview: Isle of Wight Festival, 8th-11th June

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What better way to kick off the festival season than with a trip to the Isle of Wight? Exams have just finished and it’s time to blow the cobwebs away with some hippy-esque vibes. This year’s Isle of Wight Festival has a deliciously eclectic line-up which has something to offer … Read More

Review: Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone

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First shown in July last year, Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone follows the lives of sex workers active in the Holbeck area, south Leeds. With the choice to indefinitely allow the legalisation of prostitution in the Holbeck area since the middle of 2016, BBC three … Read More

Review – Super Hans at The Wardrobe

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“The longer the note, the more dread.” Not my words, but the words of the mystical power that is Matt King in the guise of Super Hans. Before attending this gig, it was extremely hard to predict what I was going to experience from this hedonistic, morally corrupt icon of … Read More