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BlackKkKlansman: Essential Viewing That Will Make You Angry In The Right Way

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Following the true story of a black man infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s, BlackkKlansman is an offensive, in-your-face, and unflinching depiction of racism and fanatical politics. It’s constant parallelisms to Trump alongside the hopeful naiveté of the main character pull together every strand of hatred and discrimination … Read More

VANT @ The Wardrobe, 25/2/17

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From the moment I walked down the red-tinged stairs of The Wardrobe and into the main gig area, I could tell the crowd was raring to go. As the warm-up act were playing their delicately deep songs, kids were pushing and shoving to get to the front: eager to get … Read More

LUU Spoken Word Society Poetry Slam @ Wharf Chambers

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Having never been to an event like this before, and being able only to draw from memories of Jonah Hill awkwardly forming staccato-ed emphasis on the name Cynthia, I had no realistic expectation for what a poetry slam was even going to be like. Save for my initial overwhelming awe … Read More

Review – Live at the Riley

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As it’s my third year in sunny Leeds it seems to be the right time to experience some of the more bespoke nightlife this wonderful city has to offer. Live at the Riley wasn’t off to the greatest start when the venue was downgraded from the Riley Smith theatre to … Read More

In The Middle with Howl

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Your sound is a lot different to the indie/rock bands around at the minute – what do you think makes your sound so unique?  Being from Bradford [laughs]. I don’t know if it gives us that bit of grit that a lot of other bands don’t really have. I think … Read More

Live at Leeds 2017: Lineup Announcement #2

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With Live at Leeds beginning to make its appearance around the metaphorical corner, the creators behind the award-winning festival organised a laid-back entrée event to kickstart its official launch. Held at our very own Wardrobe, the atmosphere of the event was as dressed-down and understated as the festival itself: goers … Read More

Review: Split – invigoratingly unique horror

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At first I was extremely wary of this film. Anything which negatively dramatises the effects of mental illnesses or disorders is something I find uncomfortable to approach. Fortunately, Shyamalan’s portrayal of Dissociative Identity Disorder is initially empathetic enough to dodge the typical label of stigmatic ignorance. The overtly exaggerated elements … Read More

Review: Snowdon – limp and disappointing

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Despite being deemed as a widely important watch by many critics, Oliver Stone’s newest psychological thriller was, sadly, a disappointment. The content itself was incredibly intriguing: the real-life accuracies and factual foundation of this movie were astounding, and the exposure of the NSA’s (and, more generally, the USA government’s) dark … Read More

Review: Gilmore Girls: Changing Seasons

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The first time I heard about the Gilmore Girls revival all I could think was…jump back. Like every Gilmore Girls fan who had bitten the forbidden fruit of loving a discontinued TV-show, I wasn’t remotely satisfied when the show ended the first time round. I was that kid who scoured … Read More