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Gryph Picks: Music’s Ultimate Covers

9 months ago / 0 comments

We’ve all been there, engrossed in that inescapable YouTube cycle of BBC Live Lounge and Triple J Like A Version exclusive covers. You might start off with your favourite bands, but you soon get sucked into watching any that spark your interest, usually discovering some new musicians as you go. … Read More

Music | Review – Lady Gaga, Polly Scattergood & Eminem

5 years ago / 0 comments

Lady Gaga – ARTPOP (4/5) On ‘Hacker’, the closer of Death Grip’s 2012 hit album, The Money Store, Mc Ride makes the bold claim that “Gaga can’t handle this shit”. Before I heard Gaga’s latest ARTPOP, I also had little doubt that she could handle her shit; no amount of … Read More