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Ex-Exec Embroiled in Transgender Rights Row

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Online forum Mumsnet has reported itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK data regulator, following an intern publishing the IP addresses of website users in a dispute over transgender rights. The intern in question, Emma Healey, served as LUU Equality and Diversity Officer and a trustee of the … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Disabled is not a bad word

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When I started organising Disability History Month, I didn’t identify as disabled. Sure, I had some on-going, chronic health conditions, and a variety of mental illnesses – but I wasn’t disabled. That was reserved for more “serious” conditions. I didn’t look “disabled”. I didn’t have problems accessing buildings. In my … Read More

In light of POLIS Soc taking a stand on the U.S election, is it right for any university body to silence or take a position against extremist viewpoints?

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Yes -Emma Healey University is a place where we should be challenged. We should have to think critically about our views, opinions, and actions, and sometimes this challenge will come from reading or listening to someone or something we don’t agree with However, there has to be a line. We … Read More

Standing at the crossroads

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As a final year university student, I find myself at a crossroads – hundreds of paths forking off in different directions each one offering me a different future and a different life. Spinning around with no idea what path I should venture down leads to huge feelings of confusion and … Read More

The Greatest Gift is the Gift of Choice

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We live in a society where femininity is seen to be frivolity – where lipstick and jewellery are seen as meaningless decoration rather than artistic expression. However, anyone who has observed the perfect winged liner can tell you that this a huge underestimation. Not only can both fashion and make-up … Read More

The strength of survivors

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I wouldn’t say that people coming forward and speaking about their experiences of sexual assault is because society has become more welcoming or safe for survivors. We are still told that we deserved it or had it coming or that it was our fault. We are still doubted and we … Read More

Why Representation Matters

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Seeing yourself accurately and fairly represented when you turn on TV or read a book is an unacknowledged privilege – and it’s so important. The importance of this is often swept under the carpet or it’s treated as an added bonus, but I would argue that it is fundamental. I … Read More

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kristen Stewart

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I will start this with a disclaimer. I am potentially one of Kristen Stewart’s biggest fans. I have seen almost every interview with her on YouTube, I will read any article with her in, I track the KStew tag on Tumblr, I rewatch the Twilight films… out of choice. My … Read More

My neck, my back, my Netflix and my snacks

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I snack. I snack a lot. I love snacks. This is one of the core fundamental truths of my existence – eat and eat often. I eschew the traditional societal constructions of meal times – embracing a return to the life style of the hunters and gatherers. A time when … Read More

So here it is: My Coming Out

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Coming out never really gets any easier – and you will probably never have to stop doing it. That feeling of terror rises up inside of you, that makes you feel like you might vomit, never really goes away. Even if it’s only for a fleeting second before you blurt … Read More