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Do men have the right to speak in public abortion debates?

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Yes:  In 2014 an Oxford University debate about abortion was shut down because the two speakers were both men. This of course, set the hard core feminists off, saying that only women should be allowed to participate in debates on abortion, which is, quite frankly, ridiculous. While the panel should … Read More

The Brit Awards: acceptance speeches allowed, as long as they’re not about equality

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Sexual abuse; at best it’s degrading, at worst, it can have physical and psychological implications for the rest of the victim’s life. Apparently, this is of no consequence to Ant and Dec, who, after Adele used her first acceptance speech at this year’s Brit awards to show support for Kesha’s … Read More

NHS: Nutritional Health Service

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It might have passed you by but, as of 2014, medical students no longer study nutrition, which has two concerning implications. The first is the welfare of patients, as many medicines and treatments depend upon the support of a healthy diet to work effectively, allowing symptoms to persist and worsen, … Read More

A jab in the dark

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Vaccinations are one of the most controversial topics in modern medicine; the petition for the NHS to vaccinate all children and new-borns against the deadly meningitis B is the most recent story about vaccinations to make the news. This petition has resurfaced after the death of a young girl on … Read More