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Brexit to Threaten Small and Medium Businesses

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As the Prime Minister hopes to cinch a EU deal next month, more and more businesses are demanding clarity on what Brexit will look like to allow them to plan for the scenario. Chair of the EEF group, Judith Hackett, has said that most businesses are underprepared, particularly small and … Read More

Automation Threatens to Widen North-South Divide

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For years, northern industry was at the forefront of England’s economy. From the industrial revolution which traces its roots from Lancashire cotton mills, to coal mining across Yorkshire and the North-East, Britain was powered by Northern workers. That is until technology began to make more and more jobs redundant, and … Read More

‘The Teach First Model’: Rebranding the Public Service Professions in Need

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2003 saw the first cohort of teachers entering London secondary school classrooms through Teach First, a charity aiming to break the link between a child’s educational attainment and their socio-economic background. This was an innovative new route into teaching, where graduates and career changers underwent just five weeks of intensive … Read More

The Best Business Degree of 2017

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This week, QS, the global career and education network service released their yearly rankings of the best Universities in the world, broken down by subject and region. As the Business Section of this newspaper it is only natural that we report on what they ranked as the best degrees in … Read More

What skills do employers value most in their graduates?

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With competition for graduate jobs ever increasing, what skills are employers really looking for in their graduates?  Julia Constable talks to business representatives at the LUBS Night of Exchange and reviews the night as a whole… Last Thursday night, Revolution Electric Press was buzzing with conversation from students and employers … Read More

The UK’s highest paying jobs: Where’s the money at ?

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  (Photo from : Mirror.co.uk) The deadline for 2017 graduates to apply for jobs is looming, no corporate stone should be left un-turned, infinite applications should have been sent off and intimidating assessment centres and interviews are undoubtedly on the horizon. So, we are asking what are the highest paid … Read More

Breaking the Stigma: Businesses Move to Employ Ex-Offenders

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(Photo from : thespecialised.com) As privileged students attending a Russell Group University, we have been offered every opportunity to make a success of our lives. Despite the overwhelming negative rhetoric in the media surrounding the struggle graduates have establishing themselves in the job market, the reality behind the myth is … Read More

Creating your own talent pool , the way forward ?

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(Photo from : the best you magazine) James Dyson has been complaining for a long time about the shortage of British engineers graduating from universities. Within one of these complaints after meeting the minister Jo Johnson, Dyson argued: “He said: Well, why don’t you do your own university? I thought … Read More

The Arts: worth it or worthless?

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The idea that a Bachelor of Arts degree is useless is by no means a new one. For years the debate between choosing to study something you love, or studying something that will earn you money has been at the forefront of every prospective university student’s mind. But where does … Read More

BAME graduates ‘2.5 times more likely to be jobless than white peers’

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According to the Trade Unions Congress, Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers with degrees are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than their white peers. Official statistics, published by the TUC to mark the beginning of its annual black workers’ conference, show the unemployment rate … Read More