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How Would Renationalisation Affect The Economy?

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Ever since his election as the Labour Party leader in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn has been closely associated with policies of renationalisation. There is a general sense that such policies are the ultimate signifiers of Corbyn’s socialist credentials, and so they have remained hot topics ever since he assumed his position … Read More

Leeds Named the 16th Most Sustainable University In The Country

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The University of Leeds has ranked 16th on Peoples and Planet’s University League tables. This is an independent league table based on sustainability, which ranks universities based on their environmental and ethical performance. This league table is compiled annually.  Leeds was the second highest scoring Russell Group University. LSE came … Read More

Hinkley Point C is finally given the green light

2 years ago / 0 comments

It is great news for Britain’s nuclear industry as Hinckley Point C, a new nuclear power station, has officially been given the go-ahead for construction, despite previous fears that the whole project could be scrapped when the new Prime Minister, Theresa May put it under review this summer. Despite some … Read More

Germany: a model for energy in the future?

3 years ago / 0 comments

Germany is moving away from nuclear and fossil fuels as an energy resource and are moving towards a more renewable future. Renewables now make up 27% of the energy for Germany’s electricity. This has been rising at an unprecedented rate, especially when compared with other European countries, as the last … Read More

News | Uni invests thousands in oil shares

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The University has invested a total of over £1 million into oil companies. The University’s current holdings in BP and Shell are £1.032m and £278,000 respectively. A University spokesperson said: “We have held shares in these companies since at least December 2000 and any dividends received are allocated to the … Read More

Science | Lasers hold the key to clean energy

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What seemed like a futile experiment, ongoing for over 60 years, may have finally revealed a viable solution to the world’s future energy requirements. The process of nuclear fusion is a replication of the reaction which occurs at the centre of the sun, releasing huge amounts of energy and producing … Read More

Blogs | Library Etiquette

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I believe that hours spent in the library are as directly related to degree success as Prince Harry is to his father, Charles. Those evenings jacked up on Red Bull, sitting alone in wooden box like you’re David Blaine, old wine or a woodland creature, are so essential that sometimes … Read More

Debate | What the Frack?

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Households across the UK have been told that they must prepare for a sharp rise in energy bills within two years as Britain comes “dangerously” close to power shortages. So, is Fracking for shale gas the solution to our energy needs? Shale gas is a natural gas found within shale … Read More

Comment | Energy companies vs. onesies

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As heating bills continue to rise and another frozen winter descends on Leeds, it’s worth noting how ridiculous the debate on energy policy has become at the national level. Common sense seems to have become a rarefied commodity over at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and it seems … Read More

News | Edward Boyle blasted over electricity waste

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Energy inefficiency is off the scale in the Edward Boyle Library, creating CO2 emissions in a year equivalent to around 3,400 return flights to Australia. The current Display Energy Certificates on show in the Library foyer rate the building from A-G, with G being the least energy efficient. Typical energy … Read More