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Science | The factories of the future

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Cell factories could produce energy and fuels similar to petrol We use yeast and bacteria to make valuable chemicals Metabolic engineering may allow propane gas to be produced   The factory workers of tomorrow will work 24 hours a day in 37° heat, with minimal nutrition and certainly without pay. Unacceptable? On the … Read More

Science | Fracking – Energy miracle or environmental catastrophe?

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Much has been said about the controversial process of fracking for natural gas in recent months, particularly in light of the protests in the Sussex village of Balcolme. But what exactly is it and why is it so contentious? In the fracking process a vertical well is drilled to a … Read More

Thorium: War and peace in the Atomic Age

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‘Atomic’ is an ominous phrase and has precluded a paranoid age. North Korean nuclear weaponry is threated to point America’s way. Iran’s ‘peaceful’ production is hinged under an unstable theocracy. The events of Chernobyl and Fukushima still fresh in the mind of many. Nuclear power was promised, packaged and sold … Read More