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Nikola Tesla: A Flamboyant Futurist

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Tesla is a name I’m sure everyone is familiar with by now, but today it’s perhaps more synonymous with the pioneering car company started by Elon Musk than the brilliant, if a little eccentric, inventor, engineer and physicist that originally bore the name. Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July … Read More

News | Woodhouse blackout

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Residents of Woodhouse were engulfed in darkness on Tuesday night after a power outage struck the area for hours. The blackout started at approximately 7pm in the evening, with power finally restored at 4am on Wednesday morning. 264 houses were affected on Hartley Crescent and Burchett Place, as well as … Read More

“I’m Only Paid to Build Things” – is there more to the role of an Engineer?

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How much can be asked of engineers when it comes to the use of our work? Does our job consist of nothing more than the development of technologies that satisfy the request of our employers, or do we also have some responsibility towards their intended use? In other words, should … Read More