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Still Life: Things Devouring Time Exhibition at The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery

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Four artists have recently finished installing their works at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery in the University’s Parkinson building. A free exhibition, it is a transformed space that emphasises the sheer implication of society’s current modes of unsustainability and buoys its message to the fore through intricate, striking imagery … Read More

Why Is The Palm Oil Advert Banned?

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Iceland’s Christmas Advert regarding the impacts of deforestation on Palm Oil should absolutely not be banned. Rather, it should be spread on social media, in papers, and on television. This is for two main reasons: firstly, the environmental importance of saving the rainforests and orangutans should be made known to … Read More

Innovative Technologies Protecting Our Environment

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone were to invent a machine capable of extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? Or a device that could clear up the Earth’s oceans of rubbish? Or perhaps a contraption that could turn litter into sand, quickly and simply? Well it might shock you to … Read More

Ozone Healing: Are We Doing Enough?

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It seems miraculous to hear anything positive about the environment and global warming, but this week the UN published a report that managed to make me feel like lugging all my glass bottles to the bottle bank has been worth it. The ozone layer is healing. In the late 1990s, … Read More

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: A Refreshing Rethink

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We’ve heard it all before, the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ campaign often plays like a stuck record in our minds. We might think we’ve nailed the whole recycling thing, but in reality it’s far from under control. In the UK, every person throws away their body weight in waste almost … Read More

Leeds ‘Pay As You Feel’ Food Market: Getting Creative to Save the Planet

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Start making YOUR difference to food waste with the ‘Pay as you Feel’ Project. The Pay As You Feel Food Market and the Real Junk Food Emporium is an extremely creative and innovative way of minimising food waste! Although the organisation is global the Leeds Pay As You Feel Food … Read More

Air Pollution: The Silent Killer

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Leeds is the third worst polluted city in the UK and one of seven major cities to breach EU-regulated legal levels of air quality. If nothing is done to change this, the city will receive financial penalties by 2020. In October 2016, proposals to introduce clean air zones in Leeds, … Read More

Reptile Dysfuntion: Rising Temperature Turn Turtles Female

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Rising temperatures are leading to an increase in the proportion of female Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas), recent studies show. Studies carried out on beaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia show that a striking 99% of a total 200,000 infant turtles on northern beaches are female. This is … Read More

Safety First: Students Fighting For Sustainable Chemistry Labs

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The student led SHE (Safety Health and Environment) Committee was set up in 2016 by ex-industrial placement chemistry Masters students who recognised the vast difference in safety practices and regulations from their time in industry compared to academia. Through their industrial experience the students worked with such companies as GlaxoSmithKline, … Read More

The ‘Latte Levy’: A Small Price to Pay to Save our Planet

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A charge, nicknamed the ‘latte levy’, is being trialled by Starbucks, that will see customers charged 5p for the use of a disposable takeaway cup. The charge is part of a plan to reduce the number of disposable takeaway cups that we use, currently estimated at 2.6 billion per year. … Read More