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400PPM Carbon Dioxide and no turning back

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As of this September, we will never see CO2 levels drop below 400 parts per million. In a world where many won’t believe, or simply choose to ignore, the existence of climate change; we have reached a point considered by some scientists to be a particularly dark and damning milestone. … Read More

The Future of the Summer Olympics: Too Hot to Handle

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This summer, no matter where you went or what you found yourself doing, you’d have been hard pressed to miss the plethora of sporting prowess that we have been treated to. No more so than with the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, which proved to be Britain’s most successful … Read More

Is Climate Change the Forgotten Factor in the Syrian War?

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Climate change is one of the factors that is shaping this world and can still have many unrealised effects on the planet, resulting in more widespread impact in human lives than originally thought. The effect of climate change in already volatile areas such as the Middle East and in countries … Read More

Consequences of the UK Government’s Fracking Ambition

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During the last fortnight, three of the ‘Big 6’ energy companies – E.ON, SSE and ScottishPower, have announced cuts to their gas prices by 5.1%, 5.3% and 5.4%, respectively. After years of continued rises in gas prices, what has prompted this recent reversal? The answer, in part, is a result … Read More

Indonesian Slash and Burn: Fanning the Fire of Climate Change

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Slash and burn – a process to clear the ground for agriculture – is a common practice, undertaken in many countries across the globe. However this year in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, the use of slash and burn has risen to an unprecedented high. Worryingly, this has resulted in … Read More

NUS Issues Environmental Advice for Students

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The NUS Vice President, Piers Telemacque, has launched a new appeal, Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS). It is a network of 50 student organisations from 5 continents. Its aim is to help these organisations to co-operate internationally in order to tackle the environmental crisis. The project wants to encourage students … Read More

Reaching the Summit: United in Combating Climate Change?

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As Leonardo DiCaprio took centre stage at last week’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York, you could be forgiven for envisaging him as one of the many characters he has portrayed. This was not, however, Leonardo DiCaprio the actor, but Leonardo DiCaprio the Climate Change activist. ‘This body, perhaps … Read More

News | Asbestos found in Henry Price

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Refurbishments to Henry Price residences have revealed the halls to be contaminated with asbestos. Robert Knowles, the Managing Director of A1 Environmental Services LTD – the company hired to remove the asbestos – told LS that the inhabitants of the block currently being refurbished were moved out “a couple of … Read More

Comment | COP-out for the Warsaw talks

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After the revelation that 90 companies have produced 63 per cent of the cumulative global emissions of industrial carbon dioxide and methane between 1751-2010, the role of corporations in the climate change debate was thrown into a new light. This could not have been more relevant than at the COP … Read More

Science | Fracking – Energy miracle or environmental catastrophe?

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Much has been said about the controversial process of fracking for natural gas in recent months, particularly in light of the protests in the Sussex village of Balcolme. But what exactly is it and why is it so contentious? In the fracking process a vertical well is drilled to a … Read More