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Blogs | Where the Wild Things Aren't

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Some say April is the cruellest month. They’re wrong; it’s actually February. Aside from the fact I always forget it’s two to three days shorter than every other month and thus my rent/essays are due sooner than I realised, it comes with the added bonus of Valentine’s Day (for a … Read More

Blogs | Ladies Who Brunch

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Winter in Berlin arrived not with a bang but a whimper. From the balmy January temperatures of five degrees to minus twelve in the space of a week, finally my snow boots got an outing and I got used to resembling Bambi in his first tentative steps on the ice. … Read More

Blogs | The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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November is always a difficult month; the awkward limbo between October, which gets by on its autumnal charm, and December when it finally becomes socially acceptable to adorn the flat with all things sparkly and drink hot wine at eleven o’clock in the morning. November is cold and wet and … Read More

Interview | Rebecca Taylor, MEP for Yorkshire and Humber

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“I don’t know a single person that’s done Erasmus that has afterwards thought it was a bad idea” Rebecca Taylor, MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, talks to us about her views on the new Erasmus+ scheme and why she thinks the UK still needs to push more to raise awareness of study abroad schemes. … Read More

Features | Brave new horizons with Erasmus+

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Following the news of the Erasmus+ scheme being given the green light at European Parliament, LS looks at how students will benefit from an expansion of the study abroad programme and what we can expect in the future.   Erasmus, often described as the best year of people’s lives, is a European-run scheme which allows … Read More

Blogs | From Hyde Park to Heidelberg, I’m still a silly Sausagesalat

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I am just over six weeks into my stay now and I have friends!!!! Yes, I have managed to find people who are just as weird as me (no offence guys). I am not going to lie, I have not become the extremely ravishing multicultural goddess with loads of friends … Read More

Blogs | I Wanna Scream and Kraut and Let It All out!

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After weeks of anticipation I have finally made it to Germany, Heidelberg to be exact. I am currently two weeks into my 10 month stay and it has definitely been a learning curve. For a start their skimmed milk is our semi-skimmed, quark is apparently a cheese not a fundamental … Read More

Blogs | A year in Germany – the best or Wurst idea ever?

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It’s the 22nd September and despite the fact that this is meant to be a blog about my year abroad I am still at home. Yes, at home, in my pyjamas in Putney sipping on a cup of tea. Not ideal for describing this amazing year abroad I am meant … Read More

ERASMUS threatened by cuts

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16.11.12 Thousands of students could have their chances of studying abroad thrown into jeopardy, if EU Budget plans go ahead. Although the 2013 EU budget is still in negotiation, funding for the Erasmus student exchange programme is facing massive cuts. Over the past 25 years, the Erasmus scheme has enabled almost … Read More