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Is Essentials Really Essential?

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As students, Essentials has come to our rescue countless times. The not-for-profit shop run by Leeds University Union claims to stock ‘all the essentials you need for Uni life’ as well as a range of Fairtrade goods and local produce. Although the convenience of Essentials is perfect, the price tag … Read More

The five days of Christmas (sandwiches)

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Monday I go inside Tesco to the perennially busy Meal Deal aisle. Today, six students have huddled round a spilled Fanta and are pointing accusatory fingers at one another. I skirt round and peruse the coolers for the Christmas offering. There is only one; turkey and trimmings, £2.20. I look … Read More

STAR Launch Refugee Christmas Appeal

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Student Actions for Refugees (STAR) are organising an upcoming Refugee Christmas Appeal by collaborating with the Leeds Supermarket Initiative and Essentials in the Union building. All three will be working together to create packs that include essential items such as food, toiletries and learning equipment for refugees and asylum seekers … Read More

News| Sanitary product prices drop in the Union

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LUU are pledging to help students save by reducing the price of sanitary products. Essentials, the Union’s sanitary products stockist, will reduce the costs of sanitary protection under the new measure, which will see customers save up to 90p on a tampon, pantyliner or sanitary towel purchase. Price drops will … Read More

News | Rising thefts in Essentials

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Thefts from Essentials have doubled over the last three years. Since the 2009/2010 academic year, thefts have increased by 100 percent among student offenders and increased eight fold among non-student offenders. An Essentials staff member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “A lot of theft among young people is done … Read More

Food | Stuff Sandwiches – An alternative packed lunches guide

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A daily routine of slightly stodgy pasta salads from Essentials or cheese sandwiches from home can be pretty uninspiring, but few of us have the funds to venture to Bakery 164 or the Hidden Café too regularly. Below are a few ideas for lunches which don’t take too long, but … Read More

News | Essentials hikes prices

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Essentials has increased the price of their Meal Deal from £2.29 to £2.39, a 4.4 per cent rise since last semester. A Union spokesperson told LS that the price increases were due to “rising costs from suppliers.” Although the popular student lunch deal has increased in price over the last … Read More

Food | Cupboard Essentials

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You’ve crash-landed into the mad house that will be your home for the next year and find yourself surrounded by equally giddy freshers itching to shake off their parents and lose their inhibitions just as quickly. All you want to do is get out and get on with the best … Read More

Union sales plummet

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The Union’s financial surplus has fallen by more than 98 per cent. Despite being a not for profit organisation, it aims to make a surplus each year. In 2011 this sum was £28,159, but in 2012 it fell to under £500. Speaking at the Union’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on … Read More

Secret snapper banned from campus

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16.11.12 A man has been banned from campus after being caught covertly filming a female student in the Leeds University Union (LUU) building. At midday on Tuesday, the man was seen secretly filming the girl in Essentials. Realising his actions had been noticed, the man then left the building. After … Read More