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University Refuses to Waive Fees Following Funding Scandal

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Some of Nigeria’s brightest undergraduate students in the United Kingdom have had their funding withdrawn by the Nigerian government without their knowledge, leaving many facing deportation. The Nigerian High Commission confirmed that 152 students had been affected by the scandal, and stated that the bursary scheme had folded as a … Read More

Gold-flecked GM ‘wonder-wheat’ to feed the world

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An Essex University Professor, Christine Raines, is leading a team of scientists who are at the forefront of research into genetically modified crops. This team is researching whether wheat can be made to increase its yield, by looking into an enzyme crucial in the process of photosynthesis. The wheat seeds … Read More

Confessions of a teenage Essex Girl

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I’m from Essex. That looks odd all spelled out, I can’t remember the last time I wrote it down. Essex: that word that I learned in junior school, just the forth line of my address. Back then we all thought it was hilarious because it was partly a rude word. … Read More