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Over 200,000 Animals Used for Research in 10 Years at the University of Leeds

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From 2007-2017, the University of Leeds used 210,103 animals for experimental research under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Of this figure, 94.3% were rats and mice, 1.5% were pigs, and the remainder consisted of other animals including bats, birds and sheep. These figures sound alarming, but compared to some … Read More

Is Pret Putting Customers’ Lives At Risk?

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Following the tragic death of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse after an allergic reaction to a Pret A Manger sandwich, it has since been discovered that this was not the first time that Pret has been caught up in such a scandal. A woman named Celia Marsh is thought to have died … Read More

The High Street’s Top Trios

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Our experience of the high street is ultimately the one thing that keeps drawing us back. It has become a weekly ritual to throw away our hard-earned cash in exchange for the clothes of our dreams (or the nearest alternative that won’t bankrupt us). So, to reflect on the stores … Read More

Genetic Manipulation – Ground-breaking or Unethical?

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At times scientific development feels as if it’s hurtling along, with the rapid growth of technology allowing the science community to reach new heights that may have been unheard of only a few years ago. The manipulation of genes within embryos is not a new development, with research being undertaken … Read More

Bodies of Evidence

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Odds are you’ve most likely never heard of William Herbert Sheldon. No, not the guy from the Big Band Theory, or whatever it’s called. Chances also are you haven’t heard of his somatotype psychology theory either, however you may have come across one of Sheldon’s terms from his somatotype theory: … Read More

A Game of Monopoly

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“The London housing crisis” is no stranger to headlines. Less familiar is the phenomenon of ‘ghost’ homes and the game of monopoly creating them. Across London, 20,000 so-called ‘ghost homes’ sit, uninhabited. Across England, multiply that statistic by 10! 200,000 empty homes with a total value of £43bn were empty … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Glam Drugs and Human Handbags: How Far is Too far in Fashion?

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The question of ethical boundaries and where we draw the line is one that is constantly being asked within the fashion industry. But as the industry becomes more competitive and there is an emphasised need to stand out, to make headlines, to provoke reactions, brands seem increasingly willing to push … Read More

Ignorance is Not Bliss: The Below the Belt Truth of Fashion Production

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When purchasing the latest trends, on the high street and online, most of us don’t give a second thought as to where exactly the products we buy actually come from. For the majority, involvement in the buying and selling of goods is just another regular activity- whether it be in … Read More

Stella McCartney: The hero of sustainable fashion

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On the 14th November Stella McCartney joined journalist Lucy Siegle  for the third annual Kering talk on sustainable fashion. As a designer, McCartney continues to set the pace on how to create and innovate in the fashion industry without comprising ethical beliefs. Her most recent womenswear and menswear lines (launched … Read More

Poison Ivy: the ethics of Ivy Park

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Are we blinded by brand Beyoncé? Lucy Brown exposes… In 2016 Beyoncé surprised us again when she burst onto the retail fashion scene with her active wear collection, Ivy Park. The collection aims to be durable, flexible and also fashionable with a minimalistic look despite the Ivy Park logo being splashed across … Read More