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Deceit. Betrayal. Sabotage.

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Deceit, Betrayal, and Sabotage: These are just some of the words which sprung to my mind when the Prime Minister announced her shambolic Brexit deal. After more than two years of negotiations, the self-proclaimed “bloody difficult woman” brought back a deal which effectively kept Britain in the EU all but … Read More

The Rot Of David Cameron And The Tory Party

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There has been a deluge of commentary as of late about David Cameron, who joins Tony Blair as one of the most widely reviled ex-Prime Ministers that Britain has ever had the misfortune to suffer. Alongside the widespread ridicule, there has been much criticism of the state he left Britain … Read More

May’s Brexit Deal: What Does it Mean for Students?

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Brexit will affect almost every aspect of life in the UK, from air travel to food safety laws, and students will certainly not be exempt from this change.  One of the biggest impacts to students will be the changes to how UK students can study in the EU and European … Read More

Forget Boris, Gove, or Hunt: Larry Should Be The Next Prime Minister

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Given the difficulties, current Prime Minister Theresa May is having getting her Brexit bill through Parliament and a failed coup led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, talk of her successor is more rampant than ever. However, rumours are circulating that one contender for Britain’s Brexit negotiator has been left out in the cold. … Read More

A German Tragedy: What Will Merkel’s Legacy Be?

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It has been thirteen years since Merkel’s first chancellorship began, and in that time, she has established herself as one of the greatest Chancellors in post-war Germany. Commanding the same respect endowed to the CDU party’s predecessors, notably Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the symbolic post-Nazi Germany statesman, and Helmut Kohl, who … Read More

Italy facing off against the EU on announced new budget

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The Italian coalition government, which came in to power in June, announced its controversial draft budget plan last Thursday. Despite Italy’s large sovereign debt obligations, the budget outlined plans to escalate spending; a move that could break EU spending rules. The budget outlines a “citizens’ income” for the poor, tax … Read More

The Threat to the EU No One Talks About: Poland’s Authoritarianism

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Established in 1951 as the European Coal and Steel Community, which created a common economic area in coal and steel, the Union-to-be was foreseen by many political leaders and philosophers as the everlasting post-war political pact of France and Germany but with the added allure of economic prosperity. Forty-two years … Read More

Why are we still asking the question, Deal or No Deal?

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Jacob Rees-Mogg recently claimed that the British economy would receive a ‘£80 billion boost’ if we were to leave the European Union without a deal, instead of trading under World Trade Organisation rules. This is on the basis of a report published on Tuesday by Brexiteer think tank ‘Economists for … Read More

A no-deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely. What impact will this have on UK universities?

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With less access to funding, quitting academics, decreased intake and export of students to and from the EU, what’s not to love about a no-deal Brexit from the perspective of UK universities? The irony of Brexit does anything but escape students, some of whom were not even able to vote … Read More

Brexit to Threaten Small and Medium Businesses

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As the Prime Minister hopes to cinch a EU deal next month, more and more businesses are demanding clarity on what Brexit will look like to allow them to plan for the scenario. Chair of the EEF group, Judith Hackett, has said that most businesses are underprepared, particularly small and … Read More