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Concerns grow for Leeds staff post-Brexit

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Wednesday saw the first of a series of open meeting for EU and non-EU staff and students to discuss the consequences and impact of Brexit. The meeting, hosted by UCU president Tim Goodall and Work and Employment expert Gabriella Alberti, tackled the pressing questions of employment, residency and citizenship for … Read More

“EU support should be treason”, proposes Tory counciller

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Christian Holliday, conservative councillor and adamant Brexiteer, has launched a petition calling to make supporting EU membership a treasonable offence. In what appears to be an effort to antagonise so-called “remoaners”, rather than to actually instigate reform, Holliday posted the petition to Parliament’s website on 15 October. It has since … Read More

Brexit uncertainty and higher education

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As we all know ‘Brexit’ has led to adjustments within our economy. However what you may not know is the effect these are set to have upon students. The value of our currency has dropped significantly, particularly against the US dollar, where the exchange rate is at a 31-year low! … Read More

Hundreds take to streets to show refugees are welcome in Leeds

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A rally took place in Leeds this weekend to show solidarity with refugees following an attack on a Polish man last Friday. The 28 year old was seriously injured by a group of up to 20 youths in Alliance Street, Armley. Seven boys aged 13 to 17 have been arrested to date. … Read More

Brexit: the aftermath

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This week, Theresa May confirmed that there would be no turning back with invoking the Lisbon Treaty. After June’s referendum result, the UK is set to leave the EU, a first in the organisation’s history. The young population will undoubtedly be the ones experiencing the effects of the referendum result … Read More

“The solution is choosing to stay in Europe and seek reform from there onwards”

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The pressing question on the political landscape in Britain today is, without doubt, that of Europe. The trouble is there’s no easy answer to this question. But with that being said, it is clear that Britain is better off staying in the European Union. A victory for the ‘stay’ campaign … Read More

EU Referendum: should we stay or should we go?

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In the student bubble, it is easy to hear the Euro arguments without engaging with them. But we all know that these are real issues that will impact our lives both as students and UK citizens. There are actually several ways that the Referendum decision on 23rd June could bring … Read More

Tampon Tax – Necessity Made Luxury?

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The Gryphon examines the current arguments concerning what is widely regarded as a sexist measure and explores important campaigns, both on a local and national scale, that seek to highlight the ramifications of the tax. The topical issue resting on the tongues of both politicians and the public at the … Read More

Science | Research Round-Up part 1

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Current research at the University of Leeds proves crucial… There is far more going on at the university than we, as students, get the chance to perceive on a daily basis. Outside the lecture theatres in Roger Stevens or the student union on a Friday night we rarely find out … Read More

Cameron's EU Misunderstanding

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The outcome of the EU budget negotiations follows the pattern of the last couple of years’ EU politics; no consensus, lack of solidarity and prosperity.  David Cameron claims that the current plan for EU budget is unaffordable, and in no way will the UK accept them. Consequently Belgian and French … Read More