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EU Referendum: should we stay or should we go?

3 years ago / 0 comments

In the student bubble, it is easy to hear the Euro arguments without engaging with them. But we all know that these are real issues that will impact our lives both as students and UK citizens. There are actually several ways that the Referendum decision on 23rd June could bring … Read More

Tampon Tax – Necessity Made Luxury?

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The Gryphon examines the current arguments concerning what is widely regarded as a sexist measure and explores important campaigns, both on a local and national scale, that seek to highlight the ramifications of the tax. The topical issue resting on the tongues of both politicians and the public at the … Read More

Science | Research Round-Up part 1

5 years ago / 0 comments

Current research at the University of Leeds proves crucial… There is far more going on at the university than we, as students, get the chance to perceive on a daily basis. Outside the lecture theatres in Roger Stevens or the student union on a Friday night we rarely find out … Read More

Cameron's EU Misunderstanding

6 years ago / 0 comments

The outcome of the EU budget negotiations follows the pattern of the last couple of years’ EU politics; no consensus, lack of solidarity and prosperity.  David Cameron claims that the current plan for EU budget is unaffordable, and in no way will the UK accept them. Consequently Belgian and French … Read More

ERASMUS threatened by cuts

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16.11.12 Thousands of students could have their chances of studying abroad thrown into jeopardy, if EU Budget plans go ahead. Although the 2013 EU budget is still in negotiation, funding for the Erasmus student exchange programme is facing massive cuts. Over the past 25 years, the Erasmus scheme has enabled almost … Read More

EUnited or Divided?

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This week David Cameron suffered a humiliating parliamentary defeat in the Commons, with the unlikely partnership of Euro-sceptic Tory rebels and the Labour party manufacturing a rejection of an EU budget increase. This move by Ed Miliband, described by some as opportunistic, by others as shrewd, has achieved its aimed … Read More

Nobel Intentions?

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Contentious though it may be that the European Union has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, it’s hardly a departure from precedent. That respected peace campaigners from Mahatma Gandhi to Václav Havel have been overlooked in favour of the likes of Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama led to its … Read More