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Endometriosis: the invisible illness

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No crutches, no cast, no physical scars; endometriosis has no visible appearance. The illness can often haunt a woman’s life without anyone being able to see the pain that she is suffering from. Glimpses of normality, such as being able to walk unassisted, leave endometriosis sufferers on the cusp of … Read More

InTheMiddle with Denis Lawson

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You’ve seen him as rebel alliance fighter pilot, Wedge Antilles, in the original Star Wars trilogy; you might also know him as the uncle of Ewan McGregor. But with an acting career than spans over nearly fifty years, Denis Lawson is now ready to conquer a whole new galaxy: the … Read More

“Kindness is magic”: why we can all take inspiration from Ricky Gervais

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It goes without saying that Ricky Gervais is a controversial character. The world of showbiz was offended by his “insulting” comedy when he hosted the Golden Globesfour times between 2010 and 2016. Without getting into a debate on the nature of free speech, I would like to focus on Gervais’ … Read More

Think of the students: a response to the university strikes

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Eva offers a student’s perspective on the UCU strike, expressing her support for her lecturers but simultaneously lamenting the impact of the action on her education. Last week saw the beginning of the UCU strike, which saw lecturers head for the picket line and lecture halls left empty. As a … Read More

Giving Recovery A Voice

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Suffering from a mental health condition can feel like being suffocated inside a black hole. It’s hard to envisage a brighter future when you are submerged in darkness. Even if you can see wholeness and wellbeing in the distance, it seems impossible to climb out of your situation. This is … Read More

Voices of the Silenced banned by Vue for claiming to “cure” homosexuality

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A cinema in London’s West End faced an outcry of angry protestors after it cancelled a film that claimed to “cure” homosexuality. When Christian group, Core Issues Trust, hired a screen at Vue Piccadilly to showcase their film: The Voices of the Silenced, they were unaware that they would soon … Read More

Are Britain’s Theatres Facing the Final Curtain?

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The arts are a proven way of supporting the economy; a rich cultural heritage sparks an interest in tourism. But as well as being a ray of hope in a country fast approaching a post-Brexit world, the arts are also a significant factor in binding communities together and promoting the … Read More