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The Flight of the Sun

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On 9th March, a plane took off from Abu Dhabi. Not an uncommon sight in UAE but this time was different – the plane was completely powered by energy from the sun. Solar Impulse 2 is a Swiss-led project and the brainchild of Bertrand Piccard who hopes it will be … Read More

I can see the light!

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Is light a wave or a particle? The question has engaged physicists for over a century. It turns out the answer is both, and it can behave as either depending on the situation. Physicists have known this for a while, but until recently this wave-particle duality has never actually been … Read More

Beware the rise of the machines

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From supermarkets with multiple self-checkouts, to borrowing books from libraries without the need for a librarian, it’s clear that automation is upon us. Society won’t stop the advance of technology, but there are questions to be answered before we become overly reliant on the use of machines in our everyday … Read More

Did the Big Bang really happen?

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The Big Bang is a concept familiar to many. It seems Brian Cox is contractually obliged to mention it whenever he talks publicly, while the phrase has even made its way into the English language to mean a sudden beginning. A new idea suggests the Big Bang may never have … Read More

Space Tourism: A magnifying glass on growing inequality

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Last week saw the tragic crash of Virgin Galactic test plane SpaceShipTwo, a commercial vehicle designed to fly passengers to the edge of space. The plane broke up over the Mojave Desert when the aerobrake system activated too early, killing co-pilot Michael Alsbury and seriously injuring the pilot, Peter Siebold. … Read More

Battery of the future

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Tired of your phone battery running out of juice? More specifically, are you tired of the time it takes to charge your battery back to full power? Thanks to a new technological development, waiting hours for batteries to charge could become a thing of the past. No, this isn’t an … Read More

Fibre Optic Internet: Are we too slow?

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Chances are you’re vaguely aware of the internet. You may also be aware of words like ‘dial-up’, ‘broadband’ and ‘DSL’ which are usually thrown about by computer technicians, movie hackers and computer salesmen. Now there’s a new term in the computing vocabulary: ‘fibre optics’. So what exactly are fibre optics, … Read More