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Disturbed Release New Album, Evolution

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Let’s start with what this album does right, because there isn’t much to say in that regard. The main attraction is frontman David Draiman’s voice, which seems to have only improved with time. This is most noticeable on the final track, ‘Already Gone,’ a mostly slow, acoustic number with no … Read More

Evolutionary Challenge

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As another term begins and we dutifully file into lecture theatres, classrooms, or downstairs to the living room because it’s raining out and there’s lecture capture these days, we can remain confident our respective subjects haven’t been tampered with by the government. In Turkey though it’s another story, where following … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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Pupil response can predict relapse into depression: Researchers from Binghamton University have revealed that pupil response to negative emotional facial expressions predicts risk for relapse into depression. After testing the hypothesis on a group of 57 women with a history of major depressive disorder, the research team found that those … Read More

What’s new in science this week

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Asgardia, the world’s first nation in space: Ever felt like Earth was a bit boring or maybe too dangerous? You’re not alone – a team of scientists and legal experts have proposed the creation of the first nation in space. Asgardia will serve as a place independent of land-based country’s … Read More

Monkeying around: The Waterside Ape Theory

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Could living in and beside water have been a key factor in human evolution and the adaptions that occurred from our ancestors? This quandary has formed the basis of a 2-part documentary programme, recently broadcast on BBC Radio 4. The Waterside Ape, presented by naturalist, national treasure, and Britain’s favourite … Read More

Science | 1.8 Million year old skull challenges human evolution

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The unearthing of a Hominin skull is causing controversy by implying that diversity established as belonging to different species of early humans may, in fact, all be attributed to variations in the same species.  Exquisitely preserved, the uncovered skull exhibits novel features, akin to no other from previous findings.  The 1.8 million year old skull was … Read More