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Chaos as 300 finalists unable to sit 20 credit paper after printing mishap

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300 final year Business students were unable to sit an exam accounting for 100% of a 20 credit module this morning, after a printing mishap meant it could not go ahead. Six pages of case studies were supposed to be included with the Strategic Management exam paper, but these had … Read More

Campus Watch: A.I. don’t cry

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A Japanese robot with artificial intelligence has recently failed the entrance exam to the prestigious University of Tokyo for the fourth year in a row. The robot, Torobo-Kun, scored almost the same as it did last year which, according to Noriko Arai, professor at the National Institute of Informatics, has … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge students reject plan to end public display of exam results

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Cambridge Students have decisively rejected a plan to put an end to the “wailing wall” of exam results, a 300 year old tradition which publicly publishes the grades of named students. A student referendum revealed that 55% of students felt that the tradition did not promote “a culture of shaming”, … Read More

Leeds History students given wrong exam paper

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The School of History has come under fire after students sitting the examination for ‘Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union’, on Saturday 16th January, were left dumbfounded at being handed the incorrect paper. The module had been clearly laid out both by the tutor, James Harris, and the Module … Read More

News | Uni stats reveal the students most likely to resit exams

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Students from the Schools of Business, Mathematics and Healthcare are the most likely to have to resit the exams they take this year, according to figures released to LS. The figures, obtained from the University’s Examinations Office, show that since January 2011, 34 per cent of all exam resits were … Read More

News | Delayed exam adds to stress

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Three exams were delayed by an hour and a half, as well as some students being given an incomplete exam paper. LS spoke to an MBA student whose three hour Business Accounting exam was affected. He claimed that over 200 students were victim to the mistake. The student said that … Read More

24 hour libraries hit campus

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The University has made a landmark decision to extend library opening times to 24 hours a day during the summer exam period. After lengthy debate between students, the Union and the University, the idea was finally passed in December. The Health Sciences Library will also stay open until midnight on … Read More

Patience tested by exam failings

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25.01.13 Chaos has disrupted the exam period, with students having to put up with missing questions and being given the wrong papers. In December, second year Biochemistry students found themselves sitting an exam on topics not yet covered. They were then given an incorrect response paper for a multiple choice … Read More